Dog missing after fireworks

Man’s nature-loving dog still missing months after fireworks encounter

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In July, a nature-loving dog named “Auggie,” disappeared after fireworks went off and caused him to bolt in fear. The Blue Merle Australian shepherd vanished after being spooked by the fireworks a few days before the fourth of July while he was in Casa Grande, Arizona.

Nature loving dog missing

After bolting away, Auggie was spotted a few times in the area – the last confirmed sighting was at a Safeway on Trekell in Casa Grande. The dog’s owner, Gilbert Espinoza, is desperate to find his missing pet – he and the dog enjoyed countless outdoor adventures together and Espinoza is lost without him.

It is believed that Auggie is still alive, and perhaps living with a stranger – those who know and love the dog are hopeful that he will be found and reunited with his person.

Learn more about Auggie in this video which was created after he disappeared. Information can be phoned to Auggie’s owner at (602) 717-4493 – a reward is offered for Auggie’s safe return.

Posted by Gilbert Espinoza on Thursday, October 19, 2017



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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    I hope Auggie is alive but if someone is keeping him without trying to find the owner, then shame on them! If you find a stray dog you should contact shelters most likely someone is looking for their beloved pet, if not then by all means adopt them, Prayers Gilbert Espinoza and Auggie are reunited!

  2. Nancy Raymond says:

    I hope Auggie gets reunited with Gilbert Espinoza – hopefully, he is looking daily and maybe posting a reward will encourage some to keep a lookout for him. If someone does have Auggie this may be incentive to return him. Auggie and Gilbert belong together – in addition, if your animal is afraid of fireworks, keep them in the house.


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