Manitoba kids accused of throwing a dog into a fire pit: ‘Body smoking’

In a disturbing situation in Manitoba, Canada, two young children are suspected of having thrown a dog into a fire pit on Sunday after stealing the dog off of a family’s porch.  According to CbcNews, Katie Powell, president and founder of Save A Dog Network Canada, stated two children ages 10 and 12 tossed the dog named Polo into a fire pit on the Red Sucker Lake First Nation.

“Polo ended up coming home about a half hour later. His whole body was smoking and he had smoke and bubbles coming from his nose,” Powell stated. “It was pretty horrific and obviously devastating for the family and the children that own this animal.”

Polo’s family called Powell’s organization for help, and arrangements were made to fly the eight-month-old puppy to Winnipeg where he arrived on Monday to the Tuxedo Animal Hospital. The young Labrador retriever is in serious condition, yet he still tries to wag his tail in appreciation of the care he is receiving. The puppy has second-degree burns on his nose, mouth paws, testicles and belly. The puppy’s long coat probably saved his life. In addition, Polo also suffers from a swollen throat, lungs, and his eyes present with ulcers from the smoke damage.

It is hoped Polo will be released soon and proceed to a foster home in the Vancouver area where he will require constant care. The family surrendered Polo because they want a safe place for their puppy. At this time it is believed one of the children in the dog’s family has been the victim of bullying and taking their puppy was an act of cruelty done against the child.

The rescue organization has been working closely with the First Nations communities who have no access to veterinary care and have an abundance of stray dogs due to the lack of enough low cost and free spay and neuter programs. There have been no arrests, but right now the focus is on Polo’s recovery and a building relationship with the community.

The Manitoba RCMP have initiated an investigation. Donations can be made here.

When Polo is healed, he will be available for adoption. Get well soon Polo.

(Photos and video via Save A Dog Network Canada)



Check out Polo’s video:


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  1. Angela Corso says:

    This is sick and these children need to be psychologically analyzed. This is not acceptable behavior, even by children. I am sickened that parents at are not teaching their children kindness and that a dog’s life is not more valuable. I hope this baby dog recovers from all aspects of this abuse!!

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    What is with all the bullying and then to do this to this family’s dog is just horrific! This makes me sick, that children can be so cruel! I hope they receive some punishment worthy of the horrible crime they have committed against an innocent dog! Prayers for Polo’s recovery and the family that has had to give up their dog just to keep him safe!

  3. jeanette says:

    10 yrs and 12 yr, something wrong with those kids. I don’t care about the flak I get. if the kids were being abused someone, somewhere would have an inkling as to what is going on in that house. those kids need counseling.

    • Mike says:

      I wonder if these kids are reading or hearing about animal abuse and are carrying out the same thing to “see how it feels”. Needless to say they are sociopaths. No counseling helps with these kind of people….it just gets worse.

  4. Nancy Raymond says:

    Well Manitoba you now have two serial killers in training on your hands – you’d best get them in custody ASAP as they will continue their cruelty – they needs to be stopped and dealt with. These punks needs a severe lesson and I don’t mean a slap on the hands – these two are dangerous little urchins.

  5. LESLIE says:

    How aweful for that poor poor puppy. And let’s not forget about the rotten monsters that will grow up to be mass murderers or worse. Hope their parents are proud of their rotten little demon seeds that they obviously have no control over or any idea of what thosr little trolls are capable of. Charge the parents and the rptten fucking offspring.

  6. pamela bolton says:

    I truly hope they find these Cretans that have done this to this dog. There is no reason for this to be done except pure evil and these kids need a HARSH reality call immediately.

    • Bunny Peters says:

      Agreed. Those 2 POS’s are lost souls (who will burn in Hell forever for their cruelty).

      Best to sterilize them and lock them up FOREVER….. We don’t need their defective genes or these POS’s in our society…….

      Serial killers get their “start” on helpless animals before “graduating” to people……

  7. Me' says:

    Apples do not fall far from the tree. Pull the kids put in the states hands until they turn legal age then imprison them for this evil act. Make their parents pay

  8. J. Martin says:

    I don’t care how old the 2 heartless little shits are. They need to have their worthless asses thrown in a fire!!!!

  9. Red says:

    Please tell me these MINI MONSTERS will be seriously punished!! These two are serial killers in the making! No one sane could do this, put these two AWAY and then FINE the parents thousands for not instilling in them that hurting another living thing is WRONG!!

  10. Jennifer Burton says:

    To the mother of your nasty bullies. You should have swallowed, your disgusting children should not be walking on this earth. They will mess with the wrong person animal and won’t make it out alive. Put them in a mental institute and through away the keys. And mother fuckers don’t tell me these pos bastard ass disgusting humans don’t understand what they did.

  11. Mary Ann Clark says:

    They need to be tried as adults because they are beginning serial killers and no creature should ever be treated like this! They are terrorizing this family and their community and need to be removed from society ASAP!

  12. Christine Brown says:

    i hope that these kids who did this to Polo be found and charged to the highest degree. Get well soon Polo you are in my prayers and thoughts xxxx

  13. susispot says:

    10 & 12 yrs old. I don’t imagine there is much hope for the next generation if they are what is out there. I hope they get to “cool” their heels in an institution that locks them away from all the GOOD people so we and our pets are SAFE!

  14. pennysdachshund says:

    Their Parents are more that like drug induced Alcoholics Waiting for their next Government handout so they can procure more of the same !!! The Hell with the kids. they are fending for themselves like wild scavengers!!!! They need to be removed from the home and the parents need to be prosecuted WHICH won’t happen WHY BECAUSE they ARE Indigenous People!!! This has gone on for generations it’s not going to STOP NOW!!!! The four legged animals are the ONES THAT suffer and freeze to death on the front porch!!!

      • linda says:

        Rev. Ray I hope you have no regrets. I never knew a sociopath until I had a roommate who mistreated her cats, birds pet rats and myself included without displaying any remorse. Long story short she fit the textbook definition of a sociopath. She was scary. I had to ask for help from the police dept and through the courts to have her evicted from my home because I felt including my fur babies in fear of our lives. As far as her cats I ended up keeping them……thank goodness. However, I heard she starved her birds and pet rats.

      • Rev. Dr. Yvonne Ray says:

        Linda, We had a dog that was killed by a car. My brother dug that poor dog up every single day and forced me to look at him. One day he dragged me yet again to see that poor dog and his body was gone – just gone! Over one half century later I have no idea what happened but I suspect my late dad may have observed my brother’s sick, sadistic ritual and simply relocated the dog. When my late mother became afflicted with Alzheimer’s type dementia, and before I could move from Illinois to care for her, my brother made a number of phone calls to her in an effort to cause her death. I won’t go into detail but my mother’s neighbor was aware of some of these calls. We all saw the sickness in him since he was a child but wouldn’t discuss it. That’s not the way to handle it but this type of mental illness is considered incurable. These people are dangerous and, for our own protection, we must sever ties with them. If I’m a little (or maybe a lot off center!) I came by it naturally with the people who have been in my life!

  15. Ellen Rupert says:

    If these were my children I would beat them within an inch of their lives. But obviously the had no supervision at all to be able to do this. Do parents keep fires on in their backyard just for them? This makes me so angry and to think what these little monsters will grow up to be and see what they do to humans. Serial killers in the making.

  16. Elaine Briden says:

    Stupid fucking indians..
    Figures. Those little fucking brats need to be taught a lesson. It doesn’t surprise me on any reserve. There are always dogs and puppies walking around un cared for. Parents were probably not around either or didn’t give a shit…fucking useless little shits makes me sick

      • Rev. Dr. Yvonne Ray says:

        I am half Cherokee and I do not abuse animals and advocate for their safety and well being. I have also never been on welfare.
        There are simply two types of folks on this earth – children of God and children of Satan. I strongly suspect these kids have Satan for a daddy.

      • pennysdachshund says:

        I am 1/3 Native American… so who the hell are you calling Racist!! THIS part of my blood & is what it is!!! Read up about the reservation life lady… also watch the SPECIAL this next Sat or Sunday night on CNN ….

  17. Mark says:

    Makes you wander what the parents have been teaching the two brats. Maybe the parents should be punished as well

  18. Carole says:

    Kill these kids now or we will just have to kill them later. They are evil monsters and their parents should be sterilized before they can bring more like them into this world. Get well little puppy and get a great home with lots of love and care.

  19. Star Shelley says:

    It is terrible to say, but these kids are on their way to being bad criminals so young. I feel for their parents and what they have on their hands. This is just the beginning . Where will these kids do next.

  20. Audrianna says:

    Kids running on their own, worse then a pack of dogs as they can be so terrible, so angry. WHERE ARE THE PARENTS?! This is really a symptom of the society where people have kids and don’t want to raise them, or can’t raise them. My personal belief is only have kids if you can be involved, I’ve seen a lot of bad stories just on my streets alone. Prosecute the parents, therapy for the horrible kids who need to really understand the full scope & why they harm such innocent creatures. Also this is not the first animal I’m sure, the other ones no one found as they never went home.

    • Bunny Peters says:

      Sadly, I think you are correct: these POS’s have done this before (& really are future serial killers unless stopped NOW)…….

      A good friend of my family and his brother were medical officers on reservations in New Mexico. They told me that there are LOTS of stray dogs and cats because there is minimal or no animal control (to round up stray animals or even to trap, spay-neuter and release)……

      No way to really know the extent of the cruelty as I am sure many of the prior animal victims were strays that were “not readily missed”…… and these trusting souls were hungry for ANY human attention…… this longing for human attention made any “friendly” animals easy to catch……

      I am sickened at the thought of the cruelty to helpless animals (who have all the love in the world to give)…….

      Someone “taught” these POS’s to be cruel (& that someone needs to be caught and stopped before they can destroy others’ lives, both human and animal)…….


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