Mangy 6-month-old puppy snuggles up for kisses

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A good-natured puppy, dubbed Remy had no idea how sick he was, yet the friendly and affectionate pooch snuggled up to every human crossing his path. Found roaming the New York City streets by Animal Control, the emaciated 6-month-old puppy was brought to the city shelter. No one knows how long he had been scrounging for food, but his physical condition didn’t happen overnight. And now in the very coldness of a New York City January winter, Remy, was fortunate to have been saved. Even better for this young pooch occurred when Rescue Dogs Rock NYC stepped up to provide him with the veterinary help – both physically and emotionally he deserves.Remy RDR2

Diagnosed with severe mange, deep gashes and collective skin infections, the puppy with no hair was transferred from the New York City Animal Care Center to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. Remy is currently in critical condition. Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of the rescue updated animal advocates on Tuesday about the puppy’s prognosis on their Facebook page:

“Remy was transported to our vet partner yesterday, and sadly he’s in very rough shape. Remy’s skin is swollen and infected with areas of deep gashes which are open and bleeding. He is emaciated and weak and completely dehydrated. He was found on the city streets as a stray so we have no information on how he was left in such horrible condition. Remy RDR3

Our plan, as always is to give Remy everything he needs so that he can become a healthy and happy puppy once again.”

To help Remy, donations can be made by clicking here,  or donate through PayPal at [email protected].

(Photos of 6-month-old puppy courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

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  1. I am so Thabkful that it was in Gods eyes to save this baby boy!!
    PLEASE SHARE,and Donate if you are able!!!
    Hang in there Remy you are in the Very Best of hands!!!!


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