Man suffers terrible injuries after tackling massive python

Man tackled huge python
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A security guard suffered terrible injuries to his hand and arm after deciding to tackle a massive python, which measured over 20 feet in length. According to BBC News, on Saturday, Robert Nababan tackled the huge snake after seeing it on a palm oil plantation in Sumatra.

Not surprisingly, the python fought back, sinking its teeth into the man’s hand and arm – Nababan and other villagers wrestled with the snake and finally defeated it. After the python was killed, the villagers strung up the body and then proceeded to chop it up to be fried and eaten.

Elinaryon, head of the Batang Gansal district government, discourages people from taking on pythons, he stated:

“You really shouldn’t try to do that… of course the snake, if you try and kill it, is going to get really angry and that’s when it fights back!”

The security guard was taken to a hospital for care – his hand was “nearly severed” in the incident and it may have to be removed.

(Pixabay and screenshot from BBC/Getty Images)

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