Deaf dog lost in the wilderness

Man searching for 16-year-old deaf dog lost in the snowy wilderness

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An Oregon man is on a desperate, and difficult, search for his 16-year-old deaf dog who was lost in the snowy wilderness of the Mt. Hood National Forest over a week ago, reported KATU News. Fredrick Zal’s Husky, “Shelby,” disappeared during a snowy hike near Bagby Hot Springs on January 21 – her leash had gotten tangled in a tree and when Zal unhooked her harness, to untangle the leash, she got spooked and ran.

Repeated visits to the same area have revealed tracks which are believed to be hers. Zal told KATU, “Finding her tracks on Thursday meant that she was wandering around looking for us.” He added, “Finding a deaf dog in the forest, that’s a tall order. It is, but her nose is great.”

Zal has left his clothing, and treats, in the area with the hope that Shelby’s nose will lead her back to the area where she can be found. On the weekend of February 2, a search party in the area is planned as well. On the Facebook event page, details of the outing are posted:

Snowshoe / hike / x-country ski @ Bagby Hot Springs.
Search for Shelby, my lost Siberian Husky dog.

I really liked the idea of a cook-out as a way to draw Shelby’s nose to us, and I think it was a nice way to keep up people’s spirits!

I would like to do an overnight camp-out.
It would also allow us to ‘base camp’ our gear, and then do a series of searches along different areas.

Shelby, a 16-year-old Siberian Husky, has a white and rust coat. She was wearing a red harness, with an ID tag, when she vanished. She has a microchip – according to Zal, “She is deaf, friendly, loves snacks, and experienced in the wilderness.”

Fundraiser for search effort here.

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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    Keeping Fredrick Zal and his Husky Shelby in our prayers, I hope the next thing we hear is she has been found safe and sound.

  2. Joanne says:

    St. Francis, please keep Shelby in your tender loving care, protect her from harm and keep her safe and healthy. St Francis, please guide this precious pup back to her loving home. Shelby, you are in my prayers for a quick and safe return back to your Home Sweet Home. ???? ???? ???? God be with you, Shelby. ♥️

  3. Christie says:

    Sorry BUT…why are you taking your 16 year old dog into the freezing weather in Mt. Hood wilderness at this time of year when you KNOW the conditions?! This poor dog should have been home with his human lying by a nice cozy fire.
    I have a 16 1/2 and 15 year old dogs. I don’t understand the decision to put the poor dog in harms way like this.????

  4. Sarah says:

    My german Shepard got lost in the same day of loosing her hearing on a shooting outing…. I couldn’t find her and she couldn’t hear me. I left my coat near where I last saw her with my scent on it the next day when i went back to look for her some more she was laying on my jacket…please try this!! It works!

    • Ena says:

      I have read an article about a hunter loosing his dogs in the Wilderness. He said, he left his T-shirt soaked w his urine to get his dogs to get his scent. It worked. When he went back both his dogs were there waiting for him. He also said not to leave food because it will attract animals.


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