Man rushing seriously injured dog to vet arrested for speeding

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In Holliston, Massachusetts, a man who truly loves his dog risked arrest and jail for speeding after his Doberman pinscher had been run over by two vehicles on Thursday morning.

According to Fox25 Boston, Peter Rogaishio’s nightmare began when he heard a loud bang outside of this home.

“I heard a big bang and then a few seconds later I heard a howl that just made the hair on the back of my neck stand up,” stated Peter. “He (his dog Thor) was lying on the street, so I dragged him off to the side of the street and called 911.”

Even though the Holliston police were trying to coordinate a way to get Thor to the vet, a half-hour later the seriously injured dog was still lying on the side of the road bleeding profusely. And in an attempt to save his beloved dog’s life, Peter picked up Thor and placed the dog in the back seat of his vehicle to rush him to the vet.

Speeding and weaving his way through traffic in a desperate charge to get emergency treatment for his critically injured dog, just moments later Pete’s erratic driving was noticed by a Natick police officer who then initiated a chase for over a mile. When Pete didn’t stop, police set up a roadblock, and when the dog owner finally was forced to stop, guns were already drawn by officers who had no idea why the man was driving that way. Officers were ready to take the man to jail when they saw Thor in the car.

“They finally looked in the truck and saw the dog. They jumped in and took the dog and then took me to jail,” said Rogaishio.

The police took Peter’s truck and rushed Thor to the Emergency room at IVG MetroWest in Natick. The police did recognize that the extenuating circumstances that led him to drive in that fashion, however he did endanger other lives of motorists. At his hearing the following day, Peter was ordered to complete a traffic safety course in the next two months.

Although a very scary situation for Thor, Rogaishio and the police, all worked out well. Pete was released from jail, Thor is expected to recover despite three broken legs and the officers helping are all safe. Thor has been part of the family since he was two months old and means everything to Pete.

A GoFundMe account has been established to help Pete with his dog’s medical expenses.

What extraordinary measures would you take if placed in a similar circumstance with your pet?


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  1. I think as pet owners we would all do the same thing especially since he did call 911 and they still hadn’t arrived. It needs to be looked into as to why they still hadn’t arrived after 30 minutes of Thor being on the ground. Anyone at that point would take matters into their own hands and do what this owner did. Hope an emergency like this neer happens again to Thor.

  2. Yet in so many cases any more the “law enforcement ” agencies more or less turn their heads when there is an animal abuse case that has taken place and really show no interest in tracking down or even doing and through investigation in the majority of the cases…. Go Figure that one out… !!! I am however thankful they finally DID rush the severely injured to the Emergency Vet.

  3. SO grateful to learn Thor will survive!

    Yet another example of the Herculean efforts we companion animal advocates and guardians will go to, to save our precious charges!

    And yet another example of the perils that befall our beloveds, when we fail to keep the leashed or contained within our yards – under our constant supervision at all times…

  4. Thank God there was enough humanity in the Natick police officer that he realized the crucial situation Mr. Roghaishio’s beloved dog, Thor was in and initiated an immediate rush to a vet to save him. I do not blame Pete Roghaishio one bit for his actions – to wait 30 minutes while your dog is lying in the middle of the street bleeding and in pain is more than enough to take matters into your own hands – Thankfully, it all turned out OK and Thor is recovering – please don’t put him in any more dangerous situations – always supervise your animal when outside.

  5. Any responsible pet owner would do the same. When your dog is bleeding profusely and in much pain you do whatever it takes to get your dog medical attention. I’m glad everything worked out and Thor is recovering from his injuries. Never let your pet outside unattended.

  6. Traffic safety course?? Ridiculous. I’m sure he knows traffic safety. He had a seriously injured family member and first responders were taking too long. He did the right thing with his dog. He should have no penalty at all. What knuckleheads those police are.

  7. Good man. Police could have helped a little more but did what they thought was right. Thor was saved that’s the most important.

  8. Our doberman was hit by a vehicle in May, 2017. He slipped his lead, trying to chase a bird. Super high prey drive. He also suffered 3 broken legs. Fievel continues to recover, as he developed MRSA and infection in the plates and pins in all of his legs. His current vet bill is over $40,000. I certainly hope this dobe fares better! We still have a long way to go with our boy. Best wishes to this puppy boy!

    • MRSA is contracted by not using proper sterile procedures…. The Vet that treated this poor guy should be treating him for nothing …. this is Bullshit!!!


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