Man proposed to his girl with ring and to her dog with rhinestone collar

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A romantic setting on the mountains in Alberta, Canada with a young couple and their dog absolutely renews our faith in love, kindness and romance. Ryan Balfour proposed to his fiance and her dog on September 24. It was then the hand holding couple and the woman’s dog made plans, and Maia the pooch was an integral part of the proposal.

“It was a plan I’ve had for awhile. We got Maia right around the same time we moved in together,” stated Balfour. “She’s been part of our family. It felt wrong to not include her in the proposal somehow. I knew I wanted her there for the photos, for sure. It made sense to have something for her as well.”

And so Darion Getzinger was thrilled and said Balfour’s decision to include Maia was “literally the sweetest thing ever.” And with a beautiful diamond ring for Darion and a pink rhinestone collar for Maia, the trio have made plans to wed on September 15 at the rural farm of Darion’s parents.

“She is our fur child,” said Darion. “I’d like to involve her in the ceremony. if not the ceremony, definitely for pictures right after. She gets very excited when there’s lots of people around.”

Romantic enough for everyone’s Sunday morning? This writer sure thinks so.

Congratulations Ryan, Darion and Maia.

(Photos and video  of man who proposed to fiance and dog via Tess Lucas Photography)

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Source: AbcNews


9 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    Beautiful picture to include their dog not only in the picture for the proposal, but considering her in their wedding. Wonderful fur baby couple. Long, happy life together.

  2. pennysdachshunds says:

    HOW LOVELY !!! To read such a positive and inspiring story of a couple that are actually in love, are pet friendly and want to make a life for the 3 of them… NO abuse issues, torture, maiming and brutality… AWSOME!!! Good luck and blessings to the three of them!!!!!

  3. Nancy Raymond says:

    So refreshing to see that this man include Maia in the proposal – hope all three of you live a long happy life. Congratulations!!!

  4. Red says:

    Wonderful story… to see fur babies being included as family…..because they SHOULD BE.



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