Probation for man who killed puppy when he was upset about personal issues

Man, who killed pup while being ‘upset over personal issues’ gets probation

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A Minnesota man, who admitted to being “upset over personal issues” when he beat a puppy so severely that the puppy died, has been sentenced to probation, rather than jail time. According to the Waseca County News, the puppy killer, identified as 39-year-old Robert Ernest Rodriguez, was convicted of felony animal cruelty for the death of his girlfriend’s five-month-old puppy.

Despite the severity of the crime, which took place last May and resulted in the puppy dying from injuries caused by being beaten with a leash, Waseca County Judge Larry Collins sentenced Rodriguez to only two years of probation, rather than time behind bars. According to the Mankato Free Press, Rodriguez must attend counseling sessions and though he is prohibited from owning his own pet, he is allowed to live in a household with a pet.

Animal lovers who have learned of the sentence worry for the safety of others, including children, who might be around Rodriguez the next time that he becomes “upset” over his personal issues.




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  1. T. says:

    This is just so wrong!! Until the courts REALIZE that monsters who can hurt, torture and murder animals WILL EVENTUALLY HURT A HUMAN are just washing their hands of the whole world wide problem. This MONSTER beat a PUPPY WITH A LEASH……. do you know how long that baby had to endure this sick, creeps wrath before it succumbed to death!! When this nut goes off the deep end and hurts or kills a human…… the JUDGE SHOULD BE HELD JUST AS RESPONSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. rieann says:

    this judge is an asshole simple, and for sure he is an animal hater if he wasn’t he would have made the time fit the crime but i guess it’s a joke to this judge he will get his one day. when he kills another animal or maybe a child it is on your head judge asswipe

  3. Star Shelley says:

    Ok, so this horrible person only gets probation, and is allowed to live where there are animals!!! What was the judge drinking? LORD the judge has no heart , soul nor compassion for animals, he should team up with the lady who runs NYCC. She is a bitch with no soul either

  4. Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    Quelle injustice,qui redonnera la vie à se pauvre bébé, quand se barbare aura des soucis, il pourra tuer sans qu’on lui dise rien, la prochaine fois se sera un enfant, une personne faible, se n’est qu’un lâche, un parasite. Quand il recommencera, il ne faudra pas vous plaindre. Les lois ne sont pas appliquées, à quoi servent elles. ????????

  5. lina sorrentino says:

    I don’t care how upset he was thats not a reason to murder. He’s a scum bag and we need stricter laws for this king of cruelty. Murder is murder. Jail is where he belongs.

  6. pennysdachshund says:

    The JUDGE in this CASE NEEDS to CHANGE HIS NAME TO CHAVEZ!!!! What the hell would He get probation if he kicked the SHIT out of HIS wife , blinded her in one eye, crippled her, because he was having difficulties… the dog he is allowed to life along side , the family is in danger of ANOTHER EPISODE OF ANGER!!! JUDGE YOU NEED to FIND ANOTHER PROFESSION. Try grave digging!!!

  7. resqdogz says:

    Larry “dickless” Collins: The ANTHESIS of what a REAL jurist should be!

    GROW A PAIR, you coward: Companion animal abuse is now a FEDERAL FELONY-LEVEL ABUSE!

    Obviously, you don’t even keep current with THE LAW OF THE LAND: How the HELL are you allowed to sit on the bench??

  8. rhondaredmond says:

    That’s no excuse! That poor baby had to have suffered a long time being beat with a LEASH! That was torture! What is wrong with the Judge? JUDGED WRONGLY, I THINK…needs another profession. That poor puppy got no justice.

  9. Barkley's Mom says:

    Robert Ernest Rodriguez was so upset over personal issues he beat an innocent puppy to death? If this doesn’t warrant a jail sentence, what does? Obviously this POS has anger issues and all the counsiling in the world will not stop him from doing the same thing to another pet or even human should he get upset over personal issues again. I pray the “girlfriend” has had enough sense to move on and I pray for anyone who has dealings with him at all. Here we go again, another Judge that just doesn’t get it!

  10. Mary Ann Clark says:

    I think it is time to remove Larry Collins from the bench forever and make sure that this violent monster is retried due to a mentally incompetent judge that allows Rodriguez who is a public danger to be free in public!

  11. Deborah J. says:

    I want that stupid bastard in jail NOT probation. There are people who have had 5 years probation for a nonviolent crime. This bastard needs to be behind bars!

  12. Marsha Squibb says:

    WTF!!!!!This mental case gets off AND can live in house with an animal!!!Good luck to the woman he’s involved with..To the judge…. Your a first class asshole!!!!!

  13. maxiemom says:

    POS! No excuse for them failing to put this walking excrement in jail where he belongs. Heaven help anyone near him whenever he has problems again.

    • Tim says:

      also hope the effing piece of crap Rodrigues catches a bullet in the face from some animal lovers in town where he is residing

  14. Silvia Galan says:

    The judge is just as depraved as the asshole perpetrator. Why did they make the laws if this piece of s…t judge is not going to follow them. The very least this creep deserved was one year in jail. What’s wrong with you? He KILLED a puppy! If he was dealing with personal issues like he said, why didn’t he pick up a hammer and smash his head with it, he didn’t have to hurt that little puppy much less killed him. I hope “Karma” gets the judge and the criminal, they deserve each other!

  15. brigitte st jean says:

    Judge must not like animals for not putting this fucking bastard in jail. Next time he will kill a human fucking judge and then you will certainly let him go like you did this puppy!! You are not a judge just a POS like this bastard.

  16. Edward says:

    you people are so f***** up you allow him probation because he says he has f****** personal problems wow I wonder if you was in court and started smashing the judge with a bat would it be considered personal f***** Problems or the a****** oral Bullock Defender bashes head with a f****** back and say personal problems bring him over to me and I’ll take a f****** back and take his f****** head off of one f****** shot and stopped the pussy s*** you people have got to learn pay for the crime when you do it it’s kind of sad that puppy had to die because that piece of f****** garbage like that he’s got a face that I would punch you in the face with a f****** bad not stop he is one ugly mother f*****


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