Man jailed for kicking puppy to death

Man jailed after allegedly kicking tiny puppy to death

An Ohio man found himself behind bars in Trumbull County this week after he allegedly kicked an eight-week-old puppy to death.  According to Thursday’s publication of the Vindicator, the horrific incident took place on May 21 when 23-year-old Maurice U. Brown allegedly took out his anger at the pup’s owner with a swift, life-ending kick to the innocent pup.

According to the police report, the puppy was “non-responsive” when they arrived. A Warren police officer wrote, “[H]e kicked it really hard, sending it into the street.”

Brown reportedly came to an apartment, uninvited and when he was asked to leave, he became angry – the woman who lived at the apartment was allegedly threatened by Brown. The pup came into harm’s way after following the woman out of the apartment – it was during that time that the grown man allegedly chose to turn his anger on the tiny puppy in the form of a powerful kick.

Brown is facing a felony animal cruelty charge thanks to Goddard’s Law, (House Bill 60) which makes it a fifth-degree felony to knowingly cause serious harm to a companion animal.

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14 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    Well lets see if this POS will receive a worthy punishment!. It takes a “real” MAN to kick an 8 week old puppy to death and threaten a woman! I hope he rots in jail, and after that takes a trip to Hell!

      • Barkley's Mom says:

        He did though not enough and I have been arguing with idiots about that, that seem to think the dog’s owner should have been arrested. We live in a sick world!

  2. pamela bolton says:

    Can’t we just take these POS’s out and just shoot them. They are a waste of clean air and space, at best. Nothing lost if they go away. And people wonder why I prefer animals over HUMANS

  3. maxiemom says:

    FILTHY POS!!! Taking out his anger on a tiny puppy! Beat your hand into a wall! Kick the pavement! Hell, shoot yourself, which would be better since you are obviously an abusive scumbag who enjoys hitting women, killing pets and probably abusing children, which means you have no useful purpose on this earth. If you must hit something, do not hit someone else!!!!

  4. Bunny Peters says:

    RIP little angel …… the POS who murdered you will burn in Hell forever for his cruelty……

    I would like to have this POS get there ASAP……. This useless POS deserves the death penalty…… really is a waste of resources to keep him alive……

  5. Cynthia Como says:

    Ok,I live in Trumbull County and u can bet that all of our local animal advocates will be in court when he next appears!! I’m watching to see what the courts will do with him now that we have managed to get animal cruelty classified as a felony. So far I have not seen much improvement in the sentencing of these brutal sewer scum animal abusers after working so hard to get this crime elevated to a felony!!! So let’s hope,FOR ONCE,that the judge sees fit to bring down the hammer on him FULL FORCE,but alas I won’t hold my breath!!! UGH!! REALLY PISSED ME OFF!!!!

    • lina sorrentino says:

      This is a mentally ill monster who should not be around animals and people. He would beat a child to death. I hope he gets a year at least. Let us know. Thank you very much, Lina sorrentino, God bless

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      You people in Ohio have done more than most states addressing these monsters. I will keep my fingers crossed the judges will soon get with it too.

  6. Cynthia Como says:

    Ok! Just saw on the local news that this sewer rat is already on parole so now that he has been arrested and charged in this innocent puppy’s death he was DENIED BOND!!! So his despicable worthless ass is in a jail cell without being able to bond out,and I hope and pray that he will be sitting in jail for a good five years for what he has done,the judge does have at his disposal the ability to give him five years,and OH!! Wouldn’t that be justice!!! They had the puppy’s owner on and she said this was her children’s pet and they were at home when he murdered this little baby!!!!! And yes Ohio has worked VERY VERY hard to get animal cruelty classified as a felony,and with lots of work we also managed to get beastiality illegal too!!! U would think that it would be a given that beastiality is illeagal but NO!!!! It’s not illeagal in most states,and it’s SHOCKING how much it occurs!!! Now that we have animal cruelty as a felony we need the judges to do what’s right and start taking a hard stance and start harshly punishing these low life scum bags to the up to 5 years that they can now impose for this horror!!! All of us local animal advocates WILL be in court for this dickheads sentencing,like we are for all cases of animal cruelty!!

    • Angela Corso says:

      Thank you for the detailed update! What a scumbag! I hope these children do not see that this is acceptable behavior to an animal. I hope a really animal-loving prisoner is his roommate. Maybe he will get some of the pain repaid. I hope updates continue to be shared. Thank you.

  7. Nancy Raymond says:

    Maurice U (probably stands for UGLY) Brown will hopefully get a real large hunk of prison time since he was on parole when this big brave subhuman kicked a small puppy to death – PLEASE OHIO – don’t let this maggot get off easy – he needs a mega dose of justice dealt to him – he has proven he is not fit to be outside prison walls ever again.


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