Man who intentionally set bunny on fire sentenced to jail

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A Florida man was sentenced to a year in the county jail for intentionally setting a woman’s pet bunny on fire last June. A Sarasota County jury found Manasseh Walker, 23, guilty of aggravated animal cruelty after lighting the rabbit named Thumper on fire for allegedly biting him. According to witnesses, Walker set the bunny on fire as he chased him although there were no known eyewitnesses.

According to the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office, Walker originally told authorities burning the rabbit was an accident. A veterinarian who examined Thumper however, stated his injuries were not consistent with Walker’s story. AbcAction News reported the lead prosecutor in the case, Assistant State Attorney Dan Yuter stated in a press release:

“This was obviously a heinous thing to do to any living creature, so we are happy that the jury was able to navigate the evidence correctly and that justice was ultimately served.

Thumper did lose his ears as a result of the fire. He is now in the care of the Wildlife Center of Venice.

(Photo of bunny and Walker courtesy of Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office)

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  1. Well on MY part, I hope some animal lovers and advocates in the jail.. Skin ( I mean completely) his head…Just to look at his eyes, and facial features shows he has not an ounce of remorse!!! He will torture AGAIN AS SOON AS HE IS OUT!!!

  2. SICKENING!! Let’s hope and pray he has to spend the entire 12 months in a cell,NO EARLY RELEASE FOR GOOD BEHAVIOR! What a evil monster!

  3. Poor Thumper, I hope he rots in jail and he deserved a harsher sentence! No doubt if he was bitten, he deserved it!

  4. If I had my way, this scum bastard’s ears would be cut off his head with a dull butter knife. Jail will do nothing to correct his cruel behavior and he will do another animal harm when the minute he gets a chance.

  5. Animals are great judges of character…. if he bit the creep….. it was because the rabbit was being abused or was frightened….and apparently with good reason. Hope this A.H, rots and that karma comes to see him very, very, soon.


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