Abused dog found

Man horrified to find severely abused dog with unbelievable injuries

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A Florida man was shocked, and heartbroken, to find a severely abused dog, with unbelievable injuries, outside of his home. On November 4, Facebook user John Woodford, recounted the terrible discovery he made:

So today was a very bad day..this beautiful german sheppard (sic) appears on my door step and then continued to walk behind my house and lay here to die.

Woodford stated that he gave the ailing German shepherd water, to keep him hydrated, but the dog’s broken jaw prevented him from eating. The jaw was not the only break on the dog’s body…according to Woodford, the dog also had multiple broken toes, knife slashes on his face and body, and maggot-filled gunshot wounds on his face.

Animal control finally arrived to pick up the dog, but the severe injuries proved to be fatal. Woodford expressed his desire to find out who this dog belonged to:

He looked young and had a beautiful coat. He was found in Southport in my yard behind Southport elementary. If anyone has any idea who this poor puppy belongs to or know anyone who lost a German Sheppard (sic) in this area, have them message me so I can tell them their poor puppy was abused and left to suffer.

(Image via Woodford/Facebook)

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10 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    Unfortunately this pup succumbed to the abuse and torture he had received. Broken teeth, toes. knife wounds and gunshot wounds and he had the strength to find a home and go to the back lawn to lay down and die. Wish he was found sooner and he might have been saved. What inhuman scum did this to this defenseless pup? Someone needs to come forward with information as to who the owner is and if he/she did this, throw them in jail forever. If someone else took the dog out of his backyard and did this, they must be found and shot between the eyes and end it all for the rest of use to live among things like this. I know I sound cruel, but what was done to this young dog is 10 times more than what would be done to the person who abused and tortured this dog.

  2. vicki hood says:

    I agree with Adrienne. I would love to beat the stuffins out of the sewer scum that hurt this innocent. What a horrible senseless death this little soul had. Please baby wait for me at rainbow bridge. Be my boy forever.

  3. Helen says:

    Whoever abused this dog does not deserve to live another day. I wouldn’t think twice blowing the SOB’s brain out with a shotgun. Find the turd and give the deceased pup some street justice!

    RIP sweet pup, you’re free now, no human will hurt you again!

  4. Mary Ann Clark says:

    Please keep us informed if these murderers are found! RIP sweet dog and I hope the monsters that did this to you suffer pain and torture forever!

  5. Nancy Raymond says:

    This poor dog suffered horribly by the hands of so called ‘humans’ – I am sure the bastard will never be found BUT hopefully the maggot who did this is found floating in the everglades hogtied and used as lunch for the gators – they deserve no less.

  6. Melony says:

    In original post the one who found the dog in his yard “suspects” it could be a neighbor kid. Not sure of age just that is says kid. It happened somewhere close to Southport Elementary School in Bay County, FL.
    Bay County Sheriff’s Office is who has this jurisdiction. Please go to original post for information as to this information in the comments.

  7. Racine Auringer says:

    This is terrible. Thank you to the kind person who sought help for this dog although it was sadly at the dogs final moments. I tell you people are the worst creatures on this planet. I would gladly like to tie up the basrard and torture them to death. A bullet would be too easy they would have to suffer far more than this poor dog did. May you RIP pup you are in a better place now filled with love.


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