Man claims he dragged dogs to train them for race

Man dragged dogs behind car – claims he was training them for race

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A man has been subjected to intense criticism after video of him dragging his dogs behind a car emerged on social media. According to Tuesday’s publication of the Daily Mail, the two dogs belong to Mr. Zhang, who claims that he was merely training the dogs for an upcoming race which is scheduled to take place on September 25.

The damning video was filmed in Dalian, China’s Liaoning Province – according to the Peninsula Morning Post, Mr. Zhang was shocked by the outrage that he was facing from dog lovers who were horrified to see the dogs tethered to the back of his moving SUV. He stated that the dogs typically run on a treadmill to condition for races.

Zhang’s explanation did little to appease his critics who maintain that tethering dogs behind a moving vehicle is nothing short of cruel. Especially after observing one of the tethered dogs in the social media video falling to the ground in exhaustion.

Apparently there are no current laws on the books in China to prevent this type of behavior.

You can watch the video at this link to the Daily Mail.

More news and updates at the National Animal News Facebook page.

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20 replies
  1. Nancy Raymond says:

    And as par for the course, China proves its total lack of humanity towards animals – This Zhang creature should be tied to a tree and used as target practice – he is good for nothing else. And of course, China accepts and condones this cruel behavior.


    Filth scum of the earth! Someone needs to tie his worthless ass, tie him behind the car until his head spins and separate from his body! Dogs are not for race, and if they can speak they will tell you.


    You know, someone needs to establish a law to jail anyone with this behavior. This is cruelty, and sad no laws for this. The poor animals being sacrificed for this idiocy and nonesense events, this should not be allowed. Laws need to be in placed!

  4. Barbara Garabedian says:

    Evil bastards I hope they drag this asshole across nails & ricks & tigers & kill them. Assholes I pray doggie gets help & survives bg

  5. Aunt Jane says:

    Will the Chinese ever become less than barbarians when it comes to animal cruelty? It happens everywhere but it should at least be against the law

  6. Sherry D Hadley says:

    Oh bullshit, he was shocked that this would upset people. This is not like putting them on the treadmill as per his comparison and this son of a bitch knows it…obviously he knows he is causing harm, as one dog is being dragged across the blacktop by his car. This pitiful excuse for a person should not be allowed to own pets. In my eyes, he shouldn’t be allowed to live since he’s incredibly cruel and stupid.

  7. pamela bolton says:

    Once again CHINA, the dog eating nation, is back abusing animals. Everyone of these POS needs taken out and shot. They don’t seem to get the message that THIS IS NOT THE WAY TO TREAT AN ANIMAL. This OWNER should be tied behind his car and made to “train for a race” and see how long he lasts. If he falls down, too bad. Keep going. NO SYMPATHY HERE.

  8. Diana Rowell says:

    Power in the purse people. BOYCOTT EVERYTHING China and they’ll come BEGGING for our forgiveness and business. It REALLY is that simple.


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