Man desperate to find dog who disappeared in midst of Vegas massacre

Dog disappeared in midst of Vegas massacre
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In the midst of the chaos on the night of the Las Vegas massacre outside of the Mandalay Bay Hotel, a California man’s dog ran away in terror. The French bulldog, named “Roulette,” or “Rou,” was as frightened by the loud noise and screaming at the Route 91 Harvest Festival as any of the people who were present on that terrible night and like so many others, she fled.

Now, her owner, Ryan Needham, is desperate to get her back. Needham has been outside of the perimeter of the crime scene waiting, and hoping, that Rou will hear his voice and return. Needham told News 3 Las Vegas, “We haven’t slept yet.”

A Facebook page to help bring Roulette back to her owner has been established – click here to follow the progress. Any sightings or information about this missing dog should be reported to Ryan  at (760) 221-6352

More news and updates on the National Animal News Facebook page

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  1. Hope he finds Rou and that she comes back to him safely. The fright this dog had was just as strong for her as it was for people who attended the concert. Shelters should be checked for anyone who may have brought the dog in. Hope she is micro chipped too.

  2. How Frightened This Little Girl Must BE!!!! Hopefully someone will turn her in to a shelter!!! I see she has tags so that may help

  3. I will pray for her and her daddy. Ryan, please contact Pet Scene magazine who can provide you with rescue group info. Their number is — 702.367.4997. You can ask for Stacy and tell her Ellen referred you and ask her to get us in contact. We have the Nevada SPCA, the Animal Foundation, Henderson Animal Services and many rescue groups.

  4. Praying for Rou’s safe return to her owner. Besides checking the shelters, post pictures of Rou on street lamp posts, bus stops, local shops and nearby Vet offices. Being that Rou is a cute small dog, whoever found her may decide to keep her, especially if Rou had no id, and therefore not surrender her to a shelter.

  5. I responded to everyone in this post because the news Rou has been found is wonderful and I wasn’t sure everyone gets notified when there’s a new post. So I hope you all will forgive me for repeating myself. I also believe good news like this in the middle of such a horrendous tragedy, helps the healing process.

    • great news is good news no matter how many ways you say it.

      these are dark times and the decency of people shows such hope.

      non of us here can ever get tired of celebrating good news together.

      each of your posts made our hearts leap with joy.

      thank you for the breaking news. we were able to hear it from one of our friends here at pet report r.

      we all felt personally connected to our little French friend with the beautiful sparkling eyes
      for that!!!!
      we thank you, Gizmos Mom!!

      • And Rou, the therapy dog for her daddy Ryan, is grateful for everyone’s support and love. There is a wonderful video of her in her daddy’s arms – search vegas news 3 dog found. It’s the happy tears of the week video.


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