Man claims emotional-support dog had to be put down from fireworks trauma

Man claims dog died after damage from fireworks
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A man in Massena, New York, claims that his emotional support dog was so traumatized by the noise of fireworks that he had to be put down. According to Saturday’s publication of the Watertown Daily Times, Robert Gesualdi’s American Staffordshire terrier, “Chase,” became so emotionally damaged by fireworks that his veterinarian advised him to have the dog euthanized.

On Monday, Chase, the dog who had been a constant companion to Gesualdi since June 2016, died – Gesualdi, a military veteran, adopted the dog from a shelter. Chase acted as a support dog to the veteran, who suffers from an obsessive compulsive disorder and post-traumatic stress syndrome, is devastated that his dog is gone.

He told the Watertown Daily Times about his devastating grief, “I’ve been bawling my eyes out ever since the 10th.”

Chase apparently became so frightened from the fireworks around his owner’s home that he would not stop hiding and shaking – he even stopped eating and would barely go outside to relieve himself.

Gesualdi wants people to realize the damage the loud fireworks can cause to dogs like Chase – in this case, damage that could not be undone.

Suggestions for keeping your dog calm during fireworks or thunderstorms:

  • Keep your dog in a safe, small and quiet area (closed room, secure crate)
  • Turn on fans to provide white noise
  • Ensure that your dog cannot escape and run
  • For extreme fear, discuss anti-anxiety medications with a veterinarian

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  1. So sorry for Chase. Owner should have tried behavior therapist for his dog. I know it is after the fact. but it would have been worth trying once. Many dogs refuse to go out during firecrackers going off and even if outside will want to go back inside without doing anything.Dogs ears are so sensitive that they anticipate the noise once they hear it. As kids we all liked firecrackers but once you have a furbaby, everything changes. Those noises are like cannons going off (even to me sometimes so I can only imagine what it does to my baby). Would be impossible to ban them completely, but wish those who use them think of others/pets around them. RIP Chase. Your owner loved you.

  2. I don’t understand why a veterinarian wouldn’t prescribe an anti-anxiety medication for his dog to try to overcome this since the fireworks are over at this point, and it can be controlled from now on. They can even give the dog tranquilizers and let him sleep through it if necessary the next time (something I’ve thought of doing as scared as my dog becomes, and the meds made him so ravenously hungry he ate the wrong thing and became sick and ended up at the emergency vet). I think fireworks are a menace, especially when you have redneck neighbors who decide to set them off every single night that week (new to the neighborhood), but this just doesn’t make sense to me.

    • I agree with you. I have a dog that has PTSD and he is on a long term psych drug which also helps with his allergies. I also used a drug for 2 of my dogs on July 4th for noise sensitivity. It worked well. I live near the beach and they set off fireworks every night for about 2 weeks. I hate it and so do the dogs. I would not have put my dog down in this circumstance. I feel very bad for the owner.

  3. This veterinarian needs to be put out of bussiness,this is just another example of a dog being disposable! There are always OTHER options! I know of plenty of dogs that are traumatized by loud noises,all loud noises,and every single one of them were put on anti anxiety medicine and did just fine! I’m sorry but this man should of got a second opinion when this quack of a vet suggested to kill the dog! I find this SO,SO UPSETTING!!!!

  4. This sounds absurd to me, I can’t imagine a Veterinarian suggesting a dog be put down because it’s traumatized by fireworks. Something doesn’t sound right about this at all!

    • Some vets, like my old one,are charging $80 for euthanasia.Some vets sell the bodies to rendering companies who turn them into PETFOOD!

  5. This is bizarre that a man would listen to a vet that provided euthanasia as the only option. Like mentioned, there is anti anxiety medicines, even some holistic medicines that calm nerves. He could have called a behavioralist, as suggested above as well. How’s about working with poor chase and giving him some time and a damn chance to overcome this. Time can heal many wounds , right. ..I would have gone to a different vet for sure because his option is the least humane option and it’s jumping the gun. The dog didn’t have ample time to recover. Damn, heartbreaking. If this man has Post Traumatic Stress disorder, he should know their are options for this condition. I don’t know about this story. If he loved his dog, he wasn’t very bright. Sorry.

  6. Bach remedy( RESCUE REMEDY) cures my dog in about 10 to 20 minutes. My Cinder shakes to her core at .thunder, gunshots and fireworks. I just cuddle her a little more, keep a hand on her but act like everything is normal because dogs will pick up every feeling. If i were to get upset, she would also.

  7. This is Bull crap. There is something definitely wrong with this story. This dog was probably more afraid of its owner who knows what was going on at home or what really happened for him to become so traumatize. Its just comes down to what the owner said, and many times not they lie. And the Vet a total incompetent moron to kill a healthy animal just because the owner stated it was so traumatized. This dog should of been removed from its environment, placed in foster or some other rescue, there are many meds that help with anxiety, and with reassurance love and patience he would of came around just fine. I just think it was easier for this Ass wipes to kill this boy than to deal or admit what really happened. They were just to quick to get rid of him. If this man does not know how to properly care for or provide the love and safety for a dog he should never own one.

  8. This man was completely WRONG for what he did!!!! He should be investigated for animal cruelty. I bet the investigation would show he just got tired of dealing with the bathroom issues and the scared dog. I guarantee you this was not the first time this dog showed signs of stress from fireworks. July 4 comes along EVERY YEAR! This dog was put down for selfish reasons. I have a rescued Shih-tzu who is terrified of fireworks and loud noises. There are so many tactics that I have researched that help Wrigley through these stressful moments. Also, if a dog owner plans ahead, there are inexpensive anxiety medications to help dogs through this time. PET OWNERS MUST PLAN AHEAD!! GOOGLE HAS HUNDREDS OF SITES THAT PROVIDE RECOMMENDATIONS FOR HELPING DOGS THROUGH FIREWORKS! RIP poor boy. Your life ended too soon and for no justifiable reason.

  9. That’s the only option this vet gave for Chase and his owner? Surely, Chase could have been given medication. RIP Chase.


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