Man caught thrashing his dog with belt

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Another viral video has animal advocates in India and across the world outraged at the cruelty towards a dog as his owner beats the animal mercilessly with a belt on the front lawn.

According to the DNAIndia,  the man in Bhubaneswar was videoed hitting the animal with his belt in a 21-second video posted by ANI.  Once posted by the Asian News International, a multi-media news agency, the video clip ended with the man kicking the dog with his legs. It is not known why the man so brutally beat the dog.

Egregious attacks on animals in India continue to be highlighted by viral videos as well as reports from animal advocates. Four medical students from the prestigious Christian Medical College in Vellore, India failed their oaths promising to  save the lives of humans or animals. In this disturbing case of animal cruelty, a one-year-old female monkey was tortured and killed after she accidentally entered the hostel room of the students. According to an animal lover’s Facebook page, another activist told him about the monkey torture; once posted, the photos of the disgusting act went viral leading to the apprehension and arrest of the  students.

Just one week ago, disturbing photos and an accompanying video went viral showing a young elephant so severely thrashed that the animal’s leg was broken.

In a response to the cruelty and online outrage after the release of the video, the animal charity organization, Save the Asian Elephants (STAE) issued the following statements:

“The elephant was beaten so badly it’s leg was broken, as were all the sticks used in the beating. The whole of humanity is shamed by this depravity to an innocent creature and a highly endangered species. It does all it can to obey yet the beatings continue.”

Read the entire article here.

The video of the dog having been thrashed can be viewed here. Warning: Disturbing and may not be suitable for all viewing audiences

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  1. I can’t find an update on if the man was arrested and the condition of the pup/ and if pup was removed – does anyone have an update? thank you!

  2. I would love the opportunity to take that belt and wrap it around that bastard’s neck until his eyes popped out. He deserves a dose of his own medicine.

  3. Someone needs to wrap that belt around his neck and pull real hard. Cretans like that do not deserve to breathe any air at all. what a waste of good air.


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