Man bludgeoned family’s injured dog to death to ‘end suffering’

Man arrested for killing dog with sledgehammer
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A man bludgeoned a Phoenix, Arizona, family’s injured dog to death with a sledgehammer to “end her suffering.” According to ABC 15 News, the Garcia family wasn’t at home on Sunday night when their pit bull, “Beau,” was hit by two cars.

A witness told ABC 15 News that she saw Beau crawl back home and then she witnessed the unthinkable – a neighbor who decided that Beau was suffering and that he was the one to end her pain. The witness, Jessica Headley, offered to take Beau to an emergency veterinarian for care, but the man told her that Beau was suffering too much – Headley tried to stop him, but he was steadfast in his desire to end the dog’s suffering.

After two blows to the head with the heavy sledgehammer, Beau was gone – Headley is haunted by the fact that the last thing Beau saw was a stranger hitting her in the head.

The police have made a visit to the home of the man responsible for ending Beau’s life, but there have been no charges against him.

(Family photos via screenshot ABC 15 News)

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  1. OMG: if that were my precious furbaby, I would have wanted to save her and taken her to the vet hospital ASAP……

    How dare that POS neighbor murder MY precious furbaby……

    I would be pressing charges for felony animal cruelty AND suing him for emotional distress damages……

    That POS just wanted to kill…… not help…..

    • Oui, il voulait juste le tuer. Un animal blessé , je l’emmène chez le vétérinaire, peut être qu’il pouvait être sauvé…… Il doit être sévèrement condamnée pour cruauté et barbarie.

  2. This was NOT the neighbor’s right to end Beau’s suffering. He should have let Jessica Headley take him to the emergency vet! Why he has not been charged with animal cruelty I will never know. And shame on the Garcia’s for allowing Beau to be loose so he could get hit by 2 cars!

    • AND shame on the drivers of the 2 cars that didn’t stop and offer assistance. It’s a sad story from every angle and the victim was an innocent dog.

  3. What???? He just wanted to kill the dog!!! He has no right to make that decision. The family needs to take him to court. Or just grab a sledge hammer and take out everything he owns that is in sight. Every time he leaves. I would make his life miserable! This is ubelievable! Then adding the fact he wasn’t arrested after a witness saw what he did???? I would go to the police station for answers. Call every newspaper and tv news! This man committed a crime!!!! Period.

  4. Are you kidding me???? He admitted to doing this and he is not in Prison???? What the hell is wrong with these idiots. This is just horrible.

  5. The man had no right in what he did to beau. He should had taken beau to the vets. What i can
    t understand is why was he not charged in doing this to beau? RIP Beau you will be missed but never forgotten xxxx

  6. No charges? If Beau were a poodle, you can be certain they would have charged this POS! Why didn’t the filth want the neighbor even to try to help by taking him to an emergency vet? BECAUSE THAT TRASH ENJOYED KILLING A DEFENSELESS PIT BULL!!!!!!!!

    Charge the POS!!!!!!!!!!

    • I agree totally. A lot of people, sadly, think pit bulls are all a nuisance and I think he wanted him dead. No charges???!!! How ridiculous is this world we live in?

  7. Disgusting! This person had no business killing Beau. I think there’s more to this story. I would like to take a sledgehammer to his head. Police should lock him up and throw away the key. I’m convinced some people should not walk on this earth.

  8. The man left the house with the hammer. He intended to kill this dog before he even had any idea how bad it was hurt. there is a lot ore to this story then we are hearing about right now. I am sure these neighbors were not friends and he had a problem with this dog long before this day. this guy should be arrested and charged for animal cruelty.

  9. Sounds like a sadist to me or someone that hates dogs or that particular dog. Why was he so hellbent on taking a sledgehammer to the dog’s head (a particularly hands on crime rather than a gunshot) when there was someone willing to bring him to an emergency vet. This man had no right to make this decision, this is animal cruelty and charges need to be filed. If I was Beau’s family, I’d sue his sorry ass for pain and suffering due to the family losing their beloved pet. I can’t imagine coming home to a scene like that. RIP BEAU

  10. This was wrong on so many levels and really – would you want this individual living in your neighborhood? I don’t know if there was bad blood between the households or something else, but I do not see how he felt he was qualified to make the decision to end the dog’s life. Is he a vet? Did he examine her at all? No, it appears he had every intent to kill her and did so. I grew up on a farm and yes there are times animals have to be put down to end suffering, but it is not done lightly and only when there is no other viable option. And how cold do you have to be to have another look at you with their eyes and be able to beat the life out of it. This man should be prosecuted because NO ONE has the right to do that to another living being – especially since there was someone there willing and offering to take the dog to an emergency vet. They could have called the Humane Society emergency line, taken it to a vet, any number of things. What this “individual” (I can’t even call him human) did was not the answer.

  11. It was not that man’s decision to make!!! HOW IN THE HECK HAS HE NOT BEEN ARRESTED???? He deserves to be behind bars no matter what. It was not his pet, not his choice!!
    This just infuriates me!!! WHY will the police, court and judges not take these things seriously?

  12. THEY should NOT HAVE VOTED SHERIFF JOE ARPEIRO OUT in the COUNTY he didn’t put up with this type of shit from people… OF COURSE THAT”S WHY HE IS GONE!!! What a complete asshole this guy is ( either a nut case or a druger) OR MORE THAN LIKELY BOTH!!!!!


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