Man arrested for leaving puppy inside of a mailbox

Man arrested for leaving puppy inside of mailbox

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According to Wednesday’s KJAS News, an arrest has been made in the case involving a puppy who was left inside of a mailbox in Buna, Texas. The man believed to be responsible for the cruel act has been identified as 18-year-old Michael Levi Griffin.

Griffin went to the authorities in Jasper County to provide his explanation for what took place. According to a report taken by deputies, Griffin claimed that he found the puppy along Highway 96 and that he put the pup inside of the mailbox, outside of a closed veterinary hospital, in order to prevent him from being hit by a vehicle.

Griffin was arrested on Tuesday and he is facing a charge of cruelty to a non-livestock animal. The puppy, dubbed “Rari,” was adopted by a family who met and fell in love with him. Read more about Rari’s happily-ever-after at this link.

Original article about this incident here.

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(Photo via Jasper County Sheriff’s Department)

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4 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    Yes I was born yesterday and believe his story NOT! Even if he found the pup along the the road why would you put it in a small mail box to keep it from getting hit! He could have taken the pup home until he could get it to a shelter or the vet’s office. His story is ridiculous, but I wouldn’t be surprised if some judge won’t believe it and he gets no punishment!

  2. Kathleen Drude says:

    There is a special place for people who do this kind of thing! He was thinking along the lines of protecting the puppy then he should have held onto him until the clinic opened up! You don’t leave a baby in a mailbox!

  3. Nancy Raymond says:

    Michael Levi Griffin – this BS story you told the authorities is only good for a huge laugh – you cared nothing about this puppy and it is obvious from your cruel action. Since I am sure authorities will do little to nothing to punish you I do hope you get some serious street justice – personally, I’d like to see you nailed to a tree and used as target practice. That would ensure you’d never hurt another animal.


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