Man arrested after decaying puppy found in a cage

Decaying puppy found in a cage
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A Florida man was arrested after a dead, decaying puppy was discovered in a cage, and the puppy’s severely underweight mother was found chained in the yard. According to WFLA News, the man facing animal cruelty charges for the horrible situation is identified as 33-year-old Marcus Aren Adams of St. Petersburg.

Adams told the authorities that he was unaware that the puppy was inside of the cage on the back patio of the home. Last week, officers with the Pinellas County Animal Control found the puppy “surrounded by liquid and maggots” inside of the dog cage.

The dogs at the home belong to Adams’ mother, who left her son in charge when she evacuated her house before the hurricane hit the area. Adams told the officers that he had checked on the chained dog several times, but never noticed the dead or dying puppy in the cage.

The malnourished, surviving dog, a one-year-old pit bull named “Girl,” was removed from the property and taken to Pinellas County Animal Services.

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  1. HIS MOTHER MUST REALLY BE “PROUD” of this VERMIN she raised to be a blight on society!!!! What a horrific way for that little PUP to Perish !!! Checked on the Chained Starving Dog!!! Sure he did!!!!

  2. Put his ass in a cage and leave him there alone by himself him!!!!without any food or water!!!! Even that is too good for him!!!!

  3. So Mom left her incompetent son in charge of the dogs and evacuated leaving one chained in the back yard and a puppy in a crate on the back porch. What did she think was going to happen to these dogs? Obviously she didn’t care and obviously she never check with her son to see if he was taking care of them. She is as negligent as he is! They both need to be charged with animal neglect!

  4. All I can say is I hope this asshole brain turns rotten. And you rot in jail. Wishing him nightmares for the rest of his pathetic life.

  5. He is a liar,I don’t believe a word out of his mouth! I feel this waste of human flesh AND his mother are just two more disgusting asswipes that view dogs as disposable! How did the adult dog get so emaciated,that doesn’t happen in a week or two. If the Mom owns the dog and her puppy and she loved them she should of evacuated with her pets,also there were plenty of places available that were housing people pets during the storm! I will ALWAYS feel if u truly love ur dog then it would be spayed/ neutered!!!!! And every single time I see a persons dog unaltered I feel deep anger,that’s how I feel and NOTHING will ever change my opinion on that! Unaltered dogs equals so many of the horrors that exist with them in society. And as far as this dispicable waste of human flesh in this story I highly doubt he will receive anything more than the usual slap on the wrist! And as long as these evil abusers continue to go unpunished the heartbreaking mistreatment and killing of dogs will continue to grow and flourish…….that’s just common sense! LETS HOPE THIS POOR STARVING DOG IS NOT RETURNED TO THIS ABUSIVE HOME! RIP PUPPY❤️

  6. As far as I am concerned both this maggot shit and his puke of a mother should be put on a damn leaky raft and set off right into the next hurricane. These two are prime examples of why abortion is legal.


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