Man allegedly stabbed dog to death to avoid taking pet to the pound

Man allegedly stabbed dog to death
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A Florida man, just 19 years of age, is accused of stabbing his dog to death to avoid taking the pet to the pound. According to the Bradenton Herald, Joshua Cox stabbed his three-year-old pit bull multiple times because “he could not bring himself to take the dog to the pound and where he’s from when its time to put a dog down he just shoots them.” Unable to shoot the dog, he opted execute the killing with a knife.

The strange explanation was recorded by the Manatee County Sheriff’s deputy who arrested Cox on a charge of aggravated animal cruelty. Cox allegedly stabbed his dog with a kitchen knife early Thursday morning. According to WPTV News, Cox heated up the knife before stabbing the dog.

Cox had received the dog from his parents and decided that the dog had to die after his sister-in-law told him that his pet couldn’t stay with them anymore due to lease rules.

This recent bout of cruelty is not Cox’s first brush with violence – in fact, he has been arrested in the past for pushing a 70-year-old man, and recently, charged for strangling, punching and slapping his wife.

Cox is facing the animal cruelty charges, as well as a charge for possession of marijuana.

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  1. So he killed his dog? I’m sorry that’s unacceptable. He needs to be locked up and never be allowed to have another living pet.

  2. Joshua Cox: I hope your useless ass is still sitting in jail and that the predatory inmates are initiating you very well into the system and your punk white ass is a tasty treat to the boys who have been locked up for awhile. Enjoy the shower when you drop the soap – may you get all the mercy you gave to that innocent dog – NONE!

  3. this was a horrible act, of cruelty, and this horrible 19yr should get jail time, plus have a psychiatric evaluation, and do community service at the shelter for a long time’ this 19yr must be very sick minded and has no knowledge of right and wrong, plus no empathy

  4. Hang that fucking monster. There is no rehabilitating an evil prick like that. At 19 he’s already done way too much. Maybe when hes in jail someone will dispose of the fucker or he’ll hang himself.

  5. Satan is alive and well….and has taken over this POS. Let’s just fry this MF and send him straight to Hell. RIP sweet dog.

  6. Look at his eyes— ANOTHER soulless POS. His record speaks volumes to that effect as well: violent, vicious, and no sympathy nor empathy for anyone. Lock him up and throw away the key.

  7. One bullett to the head to another vicious monster killer. At 19 with a record like his, he’s just breathing precious air and a predator to the voiceless, helpless souls that are vulnerable.

    RIP poor pup, I’m sorry you were let down by this POS waste of a human, fly free!

  8. He was probably too cheap to pay the surrender fee? Disgusting piece of humanity deserves to get what he gave! He is a habitual abuser and I don’t believe for one minute his excuse that ‘he could not bring himself to take the dog to the pound and where he’s from when its time to put a dog down he just shoots them”!

  9. NOT believing his story. His ugly Planet of the apes looking ass lost his temper, as it shows he has done with his girlfriend (coward) and elderly man (coward). He is a sick twist and I wish he would never see the light of day. Can we get a judge that’s not a coward to give him the max; praying. Also prayers to this animal; rest in peace.

  10. Lock this moron up and throw away the key. Things can only get worse from here. He does not belong among people or animals.

  11. There is something seriously wrong with the “young men” of this country. Have you noticed how many of these stories involve “boys/men” between 16 and 30? Pay attention, it’s A LOT!
    I say fry the little bastards and then maybe they will grow up and stop acting like vile scum of the earth. I hope you all truly suffer the consequences your deserve.

  12. He should be taken out of society FOREVER! He is a violent dangerous killer who will continue to violate and kill anything he deems to be in his way or inconvenient in his life at the moment! PURE AND COMPLETE EVIL

  13. Very Well Spoken, Everybody~!!!! I’m PROUD OF YOU ALL~!!!!
    Sounds like his parents, did a REAL GOOD JOB of raising him~!!!!


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