Man accused of starving hunting dogs – one dog did not survive

Man accused of starving hunting dog to death
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A Greenville, Virginia, man is facing charges for allegedly starving his hunting dogs – one of the dogs did not survive. According to Tuesday’s News Leader, 53-year-old Gary L. Killingsworth is facing charges for torturing an animal and causing death, in addition to two misdemeanors for animal cruelty, and multiple charges for providing  inadequate care, inadequate water, inadequate food, inadequate space.

The one dog who died is scheduled to undergo a necropsy to fully determine the cause of death – the surviving two dogs were seized from Killingsworth by the Augusta County Animal Control.

According to the News Leader, the animal control agency has refused to discuss details of the animal cruelty investigation. Killingsworth remains free.

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  1. My Kyoko was a starved hunting dog who was at a high-kill shelter in SC. She weighed just 30 pounds at the shelter (and should weigh around 60 pounds or more). The really sad thing is, too many states exempt hunting dogs from state animal welfare laws (and even those laws aren’t enforced the way they should be). This case makes me especially angry.

  2. This hunk of sewer sludge named Gary Killingsworth will hopefully find his demise on his next hunting trip – may it be at the end of a 12 gauge shotgun wielded by a very poor shot (or in this case a very good one). He deserves it beyond a doubt.


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