Man accused of having sex with a mare

Man accused of sexually assaulting a mare

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An Arizona man is accused of sexually assaulting a mare and there is video evidence to back up the vile claim. According to ABC 15 News, authorities in Yuma were alerted to the potential case of bestiality on Monday evening.

A witness informed responding Yuma County deputies that 20-year-old Christopherson Maynes had been having sex with a mare and a video was recovered to support the claim.

The man was arrested on multiple charges including bestiality, indecent exposure and animal cruelty charges – Maynes was booked into the Yuma County Detention Center, reported 12 News.

(Booking photo)

Reported cases involving men engaging in sex with a horse are unfortunately not as rare as one might hope – in fact, earlier this month a man in Wisconsin was arrested on accusations that he had sexually assaulted a horse. It was not the first time this man was accused of bestiality with horses – read the story here.

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A sickly stray is found – vets discover more to his story…read the story here.

13 replies
  1. Cynthia Como says:

    SO,SO DEPRAVED AND OUTRAGEOUSLY SICKENING!!! The ONLY cure for this behavior is to castrate him!! Like a pedaphile he will NEVER,EVER stop this depravity!!! He is a total and complete SICKO!!!!! And once again I highly doubt he will be sufficiently punished!!!!!! Bet his parents are so proud….NOT!!!

  2. Dana says:

    How sick can you be? There is no curing a sick man or woman that is involved in raping animals, children etc.. They are twisted and dangerous. I really think we need to have shelters for these people and they should all be euthanized!!

  3. Star Shelley says:

    This,ass hole is sick sick sick. Hope you are treated in jail with the same fate with what you did with that inocent horse. Karma to you.

  4. Animsl Advocate says:

    Death penalty would be justified in this case!! Preventing a future serial
    rapist snd serial killer from committing further crimes!!!

  5. Theresa says:

    I like to cut his fucking dick off and shove it down his throat fucking pig Poor innocent horse deserves justice

  6. J. Martin says:

    Cut his pecker/nuts off … as a matter of fact .. his hands should also get lopped off. Sick bastards like this .. need that done to them!!!!

  7. Lorie says:

    I would slowly tear his skin from his body then pour muratic acid on him and when he screamed I would shove a horse dick in his mouth! Sick bastard! And the three teen boys that raped a dog should be done the same way as the man above!! Hope they ALL rot in hell!!

  8. Nancy Raymond says:

    I truly hope Christopher Manes is stuck in jail where HE can become a victim of inmates who like to induct punk white boys into jail environment – let him see how it feels to be raped daily – he so well deserves it.

  9. Sherry says:

    We need a secluded island to isolate these freaks. Put all the animal sexual abusers together and let them spread disease among themselves.


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