Man accused of punching a puppy

Man accused of punching his ex-girlfriend’s puppy

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A Texas man is accused of a vicious attack on his ex-girlfriend’s puppy. According to Valley Central News, on November 18, police were called to a home in Edinburg and met with a woman who stated that her ex-boyfriend, 24-year-old Marcos Adrian Tapia, had repeatedly punched her puppy with a closed fist, stomped on the pup and threw the puppy against a wall.

According to the woman’s statement, the alleged puppy abuser left after she threatened to call the police, but he returned and allegedly twisted the puppy’s leg enough to cause the puppy to cry in pain.

The alleged puppy abuser is behind bars and he is facing a state felony charge of cruelty to a non-livestock animal; no word on the current condition of the abused puppy.

(Booking photo via  Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office)

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12 replies
  1. Bunny Peters says:

    If that POS were my ex, he would be in the morgue (& I would be in jail)…… NO way would I allow a baby (human or furry) to be abused without me putting up a fight to protect them……
    I was abused many years ago by an ex and vowed NEVER again (why I left) & I will not stand by while another family member is abused…… rather go down defending them……
    Hope the puppy is ok……

  2. susispot says:

    Brain dead monster. I bet he thinks he is a big man beating on a little dog. I hope Bubba is your cell mate. Bubba the puppy lover.

  3. Marsha Squibb says:

    She needs to move with her pup waaaaay outta town,at the very least remove the pup to a safe place!!This asshole WILL return !!

  4. Helen says:

    This cowardice turd needs his face rearranged with a huge bat! Scumbag thinks it’s okay to abuse puppies? Lock the bastard in a room with a 130 lb Presa Canario and see if he comes out alive!

  5. Nancy Raymond says:

    What may I ask did this spineless girlfriend do when her pond scum boyfriend was abusing a puppy? Apparently not much since he came back and hurt the puppy again – these people who stand there and do NOTHING make me sick – OK she called the cops, if it were me, that maggot would be laying on the floor w/a knife in his back. No way would I ever not DO SOMETHING. I hope this little puppy survived.

  6. Red says:

    There is NO doubt what this A.H. Monster did…. lock him up, throw away the key and leave him there……for many, many, years. If he can heartlessly do this to a PUPPY he will and can hurt a human.


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