Man accused of kicking innocent pup in head while it waited for its owner

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Authorities are appealing to the public for help identifying the nasty man caught on closed circuit video on Wednesday kicking an innocent pup in the head while the dog waited outside of a store for her owner.  The dog’s owner, Danielle Duce had been paying for her groceries at the One Stop shop located in Bramhall Lane in Stockport, when she heard her dog Izzy cry out in pain.

According to the Mirror, people had been walking in and out of the store, paying no attention to the well-behaved pooch – that is until a nasty man made a beeline for the dog and intentionally kicked her in the head with his boot. The video clearly shows the man coming into view swinging his leg towards Izzy. He closes in on her and strikes her on the side of the head.

Danielle brings Izzy with her to the store everyday, and each time Izzy has waited outside of the store with no problems.

“When this happened I was inside paying when suddenly I heard Izzy yelp loudly. I went outside and a woman said, ‘A man has just kicked your dog.'” stated Izzy. “There were people who were confronting him, and a man in a van was shouting at him but he just walked away.”

The RSPCA is hoping witnesses will supply the information needed to identify the culprit. The man is described as wearing a distinctive blue coat, is his 30s to 40s and having  blondish hair. Anyone who may have recognized him is asked to contact 0300 123 8018.

Although frightened, Izzy did not sustain any serious injuries. Still what will happen next time this animal abuser kicks someone’s dog for no reason? Help to bring justice to an innocent dog.

(Photos via screenshots from video)

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10 replies
  1. BA says:

    ok this POS needs to be caught – kicked around and then put to sleep…TG the pup is ok but I cannot understand why people do not leave there dogs at home….with this situation she could have been really hurt also the chances of dogs being stolen are so so high….they shouldn’t be left in cars, tied up outside stores…got to shop LEAVE THEM HOME!!!!! glad she is ok

  2. Adrienne says:

    Find this scum and all those who say this man do what he did to Izzy, should kick him in the head, then throw him in jail. He;ll think twice before harming another animal again.

  3. Stephen Phillips says:

    SO grateful precious Izzy is okay, but I have to ask: WTF was she thinking, leaving that poor thing ALONE while she shopped??? Not only was she exposed to abuse, but theft and much, mich worse COULD have befallen her!
    We can only hope and pray…

  4. Nancy Raymond says:

    When will people realize that leaving their dog outside while they shop is a huge danger? Not everyone is kind and caring and this video proves it – Izzy was abused for no reason whatsoever by some hunk of sewer sludge and no one stopped him – another reason to never leave your dog outside – people are too afraid to step up and physically stop anyone from hurting an animal – we need more people to DO SOMETHING – not stand there and gasp – grow a backbone – an innocent animal being attacked and all the yelling will do nothing – he walked away unscathed – not in my world – I would have been hanging off his back – and to expect the useless RSPCA to do anything will never happen. I hope Izzy is OK and his owner realizes to leave him home unless she is with him.

  5. Joanne says:

    Locate that evil monster and kick the shit????out of that scumbag!!! I’m sure that coward has injured, abused, tortured, mistreated, and intimidated many poor innocent animals. That soulless and dangerous monster must be located and severely punished!!! ????????????????????????????????????????????


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