Man accused of killing family dog, decapitating mother, on Mother’s Day

Man accused of killing mom and dog on mother's day
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An Oregon man is accused of a bizarre and violent crime spree which left a woman, and a rescued dog, dead, and another man severely injured. According to the Portland Tribune, 36-year-old Joshua Lee Webb allegedly murdered his mother, 59-year-old Tina Marie Webb, and carried her severed head into a grocery store in Estacada on Mother’s day.

Inside of the store, Webb allegedly attacked a store clerk with an 8-inch knife – the victim, 66-year-old Michael Wagner, was seriously injured and had to be transported to Portland’s Legacy Emanuel Medical Center for emergency care.

At the Webb home, the body of an adopted dog was discovered dead in the kitchen. According to multiple reports, Webb lived with his parents and by all accounts, had a good relationship with them. His devastated father, David, has stated that he “never saw” this coming and he is shocked that he lost his wife and son on the same day.

Webb was booked into jail on multiple charges including murder, attempted murder, abuse of a corpse and aggravated animal abuse.

(Booking photo)

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  1. may the woman and the dog RIP My thoughts and prayers for the husband who has just lost his wife, dog and son.
    I also hope that the son is locked away for good and get a good beating by the inmates when he goes to prison

  2. ooops meant to have said also i hope that the man who got stabbed by this maniac recovers he is also in my thoughts and prayers

    • texag572015, Yes great idea but with a dull knife. Instead we will babysit this evil and feel sorry for him… wrong. Eye for an eye, Forgiveness or help for the evil person is not the answer eye for an eye justice will clean up this world and empty the jails. We keep evil alive and keep burying innocent good people and innocent loving animals.

  3. Scary, crazy looking guy!! Lock him for good!!! He will do it again! My GOD ,, cut his own momma’s head off! ugh,,, ????

  4. What a wing nut psycho nut job. Don’t waste jail on that fucker, give him the chair. Don’t let him get off using the insanity plea, that’s a fucking cop out. KILL THE FUCKER

  5. He’s going to end up in a mental hospital. I doubt he will see time in prison. RIP to Mama and the dog. Such a sad ending.

  6. Joshua Webb is one major sicko and will more than likely spend a long time in prison for killing his mother and as usual, the murder of an innocent dog will be ignored – BUT I am pretty sure prison will be on huge hell hole for him as mother killers are as about as popular as child killers so he will be a victim of predatory inmates – as it should be.

  7. Hope Washington has the death penalty. Barbarian. Other prisoners don’t like serial killers, animal abusers, pedophiles or killers of family members. Probably will get bumped off in the slammer, like Dahmner.


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