Wife accidentally shot by man who shot neighbor's dog

Man accidentally shoots wife while killing neighbor’s dog who got loose

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A man in Ogden, New York, accidentally shot his wife while shooting at a neighbor’s dog who got loose from his nearby home. According to a press release from the Ogden Police Department, a couple was walking their own two dogs when a neighbor’s dog got loose and ran at them.

The couple has stated that the loose dog, whose name was Keeno, was attacking their leashed dogs – the man walking the dogs pulled out his own pistol and shot at Keeno. In the fray, one of the bullets his own wife in the leg. Keeno was also killed; the leashed dogs who belonged to the couple were not injured.

The department explained:

A round from his pistol accidentally struck his wife in the upper leg. She suffered non-life threatening injuries and is being treated at an area hospital. The offending dog was also struck and is deceased. There were no other injuries reported. The husband did have a valid pistol permit and was in legal possession of the handgun at the time of the incident.

According to WHEC News, Keeno’s owners have stated that their dog was a friendly therapy dog and they believe that there is more to the story.

(Screenshot via WHEC News)

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  1. Linda Szymoniak says:

    The man should be charged with discharging his gun in public. There could have been other people hurt. I’m sick and tired of EVERY loose dog being seen as a threat. One of our neighbors had their dog get loose when they weren’t home. The latch on their gate apparently didn’t get latched by their kids properly. It’s a Pit Bull and was actually posturing towards the older woman who lives next to them. I grabbed some treats and slowly approached the dog. It was definitely nervous and while I know it’s friendly, it doesn’t really know me. I slowly walked back towards the open gate, offering the dog some meaty treats. He went back into his own yard and I got the gate latched. No problem. I’ve seen that dog playing with the family – including their kids – and know he’s friendly. He was definitely scared and confused, being out without his people. I could see some idiot shooting him in that situation, even though it wasn’t needed. I’m sure if this dog was a therapy dog, it was friendly. Most likely it was just running towards the other dogs, wanting to play with them. Shooting the dog was NOT needed. That the wife got hit in the process is a shame, but perhaps she’ll get down on the husband for having the gun and killing the dog with it. I feel for the family who lost their 4-legged family member.

    • Julie Enos says:

      I also feel for the family that lost their dog. I think its pretty convenient that he happed to HAVE HIS GUN WITH HIM WHILE WALKING THE DOG’S where do they live at that a person needs a gun on them to take a walk with their dogs. I personally think when a person carries a gun doing daily routines that they are itching for someone or something to start an arguement with them so they can say they felt threatened and kill something. Would it have been so difficult to fire the gun at the ground around the dog so he would have gotten scared and ran home. How do we know that him and his wife weren’t arguing and he felt threatened by her to and shot her. I thought you weere supposed to take gun classes for a license? Well you should have to. He shoots his wife in the leg. What if the gun bullet had gone and hit a innocent person walking by. Because he has a license does he get to carry it into a restaurant ot bar or a clothing store. I think people that have to carry guns in public are looking to play cops and robbers. I am so sick of all this gun crap. Even police shoot to kill. I know they go to firing ranges to practice hitting straight to the heart. But do they really have to aim for the heart. Why not aim for the leg and knock them down I realize they might have a gun in their hand so shoot the arm. Same thing with aggressive dogs. Why kill them? Shoot em in the leg. Why is it always a killing?

    • Holly DeJesus says:

      I agree wholewith everything you said. There is rarely EVER a need to kill an animal in self-defense. RIP Keeno

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      I hope the wife is very proud of her dog killing husband who can’t even shoot so she doesn’t get hurt. I don’t believe the dog needed to be shot at at all. I’m so sick of these gun happy people. Why does someone need to carry a gun while out walking their dogs in the first place!

  2. Silvia says:

    How dare that man shoot Keeno, horrific, sure his wife will be fine, sad people over react and feel it necessary to kill a dog greeting other dogs, since the killed dog was a therapy dog I do not believe the armed man is being at all honest, besides who the hell carries a gun on a walk, excessive dumb shooter, so pathetic, my condolences to the people who lost their family pet, RIP

  3. maxiemom. says:

    Okay, now, if Keeno was ATTACKING their dogs, why weren’t their dogs even injured at all? Why were the only ones hurt the ones hurt by that bastard’s gun? Keeno, a therapy dog, is dead and his wife was shot, but there’s not a mark on anyone else. It sounds like Keeno was attempting to PLAY with his dogs, and this trigger happy POS panicked and shot him, or that he simply shot him because he had a gun and could. Why is it that I’ve managed to get bigger dogs off of mine and / or away from mine without a gun or hurting anyone, but these so-called big, strong men have to rely on firearms? Small wonder they have to pack heat to cover up their inadequacies.

  4. Elaine says:

    What a FUCKING jackass…he’s as bad as the cops….first reaction is not shoot and ask questions later…Moron ….i’d be looking for revenge on that fucker if that was my dog. ….

  5. Donna Rodriguez says:

    This is bullshit….. just think about it for a minute. Why would a dog go and just start attacking 2 other dogs with 2 adults there. Now maybe if the dogs were alone but. Nah I’m not buying it….. this poor dog probably was running up to the dogs to play and. This asshole people got paranoid from all the pitbull stories they hear and. He shot the dog ….. this is bullshit… I have a smaller dog and she wouldn’t hurt a flu. If she had to .and she is overly friendlywith dogs ,cat and people BUT she barks while running up to them BUT her tail is wagging the whole time. She is on a leash but. Most the time peoples first reaction is fright… but as she is going toward them at the same time I’m telling them she dont bite, she dont bite… then they relax and she’s all over them giving kisses and rolling over to get her belly rubbed…. and too. If this dog was Sooo mean that he felt he had to take out his gun to shoot it because it was attacking his dogs :”2 of them ” don’t you think that his dogs would show some kind of evidence of the brutal attack on his dogs.???? This dog DIDNOT go up against TWO DOGS and, TWO ADULTS.. id, bet $ 500.00 he just had to tell a good enough story for shooting the dog. .. and for his wife. How does it feel bitch ??? Atleast you got to live to tell the BULLSHIT story of your pussy of a husband……im not buying it …… blow that smoke , up someone else’s ass.

  6. Geoffrey porter says:

    Every body is slagging off the shooter none of you where there you saw nothing but you all know what went wrong get some facts before accusing

  7. pennysdachshund says:

    The main problem with legalized is there are so many that have a permit are radicals, with a hair pin trigger finger shoot first & fuck you if you have a question…. My husband and I took have permits because we like in the country and the police are not really prompt… it is for protection of our lives, that of out animal’s, and property …. Hopefully we will never have to use them, but we are not radical assholes either….

  8. Ann says:

    Thank you for everyone’s supportive comments. Keeno was my father’s dog. He was not just a dog, he was a family member. Our entire family is devastated by this horrific act. Keeno was rescued from a shelter and was a loving being. Our family has retained an attorney and will not let Keeno be forgotten. Thank you again for the positive comments.

  9. barbara garde says:

    I agree with all these comments. There was no need to shoot to kill this dog. I have had dogs in my own house start to growl and fight and I have always managed to pull them apart. And I am 75 years old. I have never had to pull agun and shoot a dog who was in a tussle with another dog. This story is bull crap if I ever heard it. This guy shouldd be charged with cruelty to animals and have to go to jail.

      • Barkley's Mom says:

        Were YOU? We have a right to our opinion based on what has been said in this and other articles. I will NEVER condone shooting and killing a dog when there are other recourse available! Some people including Police Officers are too quick to use their guns, just because they CAN! I would have liked to see what would have happened had he NOT had a gun, somehow I am willing to bet the whole situation could have been resolved without killing a therapy dog!

      • Pamela D'Angio says:

        Why would she have to be a witness? Do you think a dog would be running up to two dogs and two adults and not feel threatened? How many times does an innocent animal go up to humans and their are quick by feeling threatened and the animal showed no signs. I believe the scumbag is a liar and quickly pulled out gun and shot the dog. I also believe most normal people who walk dogs don’t walk with a gun either. All these comments on here I agree with also. You don’t?

  10. Pamela D'Angio says:

    Dogs don’t usually start running up to two dogs and a couple. He would feel more of a damn threat. I bet this scumbag gave that story just to cover his ass up. Yes, it is always the loose dog that is a threat. I think humans are more of a damn threat than animals. This bastard probably saw the dog loose and instead of taking him back to his home it was more convenient to kill this poor dog. You have two people and one can hold onto the dogs while the other takes the dog home. Too bad this POS didn’t shoot himself. He is a damn liar and I would like to bust him in the damn mouth and pull the trigger on him.

  11. Nancy Raymond says:

    I don’t believe one word of this aholes excuse – WHY would anyone walking their dogs carry a gun? Why if Keeno was attacking the dogs were they not injured? This is just another example of a gun happy idiot who is trying to cover his ass with a load of lies. Too bad he didn’t shoot himself – no great loss. I hope Keeno’s owners sue his loser ass. Don’t believe for one second ANY of this BS story.

  12. roch says:

    I’m assuming that that the way the story is being told, I would not be surprised if the shooter was a cop, explains the gun, explains the actions, and will explain the spin that is put on shooting a domestic animal.


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