Lyft driver charged in Montclair road rage for tossing dog during argument

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The Lyft driver, allegedly videoed reaching for an elderly dog and then tossing it out of the car during a road rage incident, has been charged with animal cruelty. On Tuesday, the New Jersey SPCA Humane Police filed criminal and civil animal cruelty charges against Marc Dione, 22 – the man authorities have identified as being involved in the argument and grabbing the dog.

According to, the NJSPCA initiated their investigation on Sunday after the video had been posted on social media of Dione in a physical brawl with another man. The disturbing video showed a  a red Honda and a white Toyota stopped on Bloomfield Avenue. The two drivers  argued, and it appeared another person in one of the cars recorded the skirmish as it happened. The man driving the Toyota pushed the other driver who fell. That person then got up, reached into the Toyota and grabbed a small dog which he then threw out onto the sidewalk.

“What’s your f —ing problem?, the first man yelled and he got closer to the other man. He then shoved the other man who fell. “Record that,” could be heard.

Dione is accused of reaching into the backseat of the other man’s car, picking up a 12-year-old miniature pinscher named Daphne, and throwing the dog onto the sidewalk. The dog can then be seen running into the street.

“Despite some bruises and stress resulting from this traumatic event, Daphne is recovering well,” the NJSPCA said in a news release.

Lyft also issued a statement, expressing their shock and disappointment but reassuring the public,  the driver is no longer on their team:

“We are shocked and horrified by this… While this did not happen on the Lyft platform, we permanently deactivated the individual after learning of his truly cruel behavior; he will never again be able to use Lyft. We are relieved to hear that Daphne is recovering well.”

Get well soon Daphne. This was not your argument, and you were a tragic victim of rage.

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7 replies
  1. Bunny Peters says:

    What a useless POS!!!!!!!! Wish he would die as keeping him alive is a total waste of scarce resources…..

    Something similar happened here (San Jose, CA) a few years ago & sadly that poor dog (adorable Bichon) was run over and killed in front of his horrified owner……. it was huge news here due to the complete cruelty of harming an innocent furbaby……….

    Glad to hear that Daphne is “ok & healing” from what could have been a horrific incident……..

    @ the rate this former Lyft driver is making friends, he is headed straight to Hell where he will burn forever for his cruelty (who really knows what other cruel actions this POS has done over the years)…… Just hope he gets to Hell soon, in pain and terrified…….

  2. SueBiss says:

    Wherever I take my dogs in my car they are tethered in the backseat of my car. If more people would do this more dogs would be safer in a car, also if they are in a car accident it keeps the dog from getting out of the car and into traffic or from being thrown around in the car from the impact.

  3. Jill kurth says:

    Great news!!! Lets pick him up. Drive around. And throw him out the door…..what do u think Lyft driver????

  4. Barkley's Mom says:

    I’m so glad he has been charged, now give him a punishment that means something and not just a “slap on the wrist” because the dog is ok. He needs to know it’s not ok to take your anger out on an innocent animal!

  5. Nancy Raymond says:

    Mark Dionne needs to be taken out into the country in a car traveling about 110mph and thrown out – let the punishment fit the crime – this punk is a useless waste and has proven it – Lyft best fire him – he is incapable of driving anything motorized. Thank God the dog is OK – his life is MUCH more important than this 22 yr old maggot’s.


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