Loyal dog desperately tries to save her owner from drowning

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A man’s best friend – his loyal dog tried to rescue her owner from accidentally drowning in Reading, Berkshire, United Kingdom, after the man tripped and fell into a stream after a full day of celebrating with his best friend. Gary Munt, 58, had been walking his rescue dog when he became unsteady on his feet and fell backwards into the shallow stream.

According to the Mirror,  a closed circuit television video showed the man wobbling and checking his phone while walking his Staffordshire  bull terrier named Jess. Assistant Coroner for Berkshire, Emma Jones recounts the tragic events:

“His dog comes into view. Mr. Munt then comes into view and he is alone and wearing the same clothing he was found in. He appears to be looking at the screen of his phone, is unsteady on his feet, and is veering from one side of the path to the other. Minutes later his dog runs ahead of him and he is seen unsteady again.”

The moment of his fall is captured on the video:

“At one point he veers close to the stream. He looks at his telephone once more and stumbles backwards into the stream. No other people were around at the time. It was not a deliberate act.”

But there was more. As Munt tried in vain to climb out of the river, the loyal dog tried her best to help:

“He (Munt) can then be seen trying to get back up the bank. The dog returns and the loyal dog is seen several times trying to pull Mr. Munt’s collar and pull him out of the water. You see the dog coming back and forth and you don’t see Mr. Munt coming out of the stream.”

Coroner reports confirm Munt had been under the influence of alcohol and cocaine at the time. He had spent most of that fatal November day at his best friend’s home celebrating his birthday and having a grand time. The coroner did note the incredible closeness of Jess and Mr. Munt.

“Jess meant the world to him and he only had her for three months. For the dog to go to those extremes is incredible,” stated Munt’s sister Gloria.

Rest in peace Mr. Munt, and Jess – you are an incredible dog.

(Photo of loyal dog screenshot from the Sun)

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13 replies
  1. Barkleys Mom says:

    I hope Mr Munt’s family is taking good care of hero Jess. Condolences to the family for their loss. Poor Jess tried so hard to save her buddy! .

  2. Darla says:

    Poor decisions (alcohol and cocaine) by Mr. Munt led to his untimely death; I hope Jess will be cared for by a family member. Man and dog were obviously very connected.

  3. susispot says:

    Drugs and alcohol hurt everyone. Now this dog has lost his beloved person. I hope someone will welcome Jess into their family and love him.


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