‘A lot of dogs are in this condition’: Investigation ordered for 2 neglected found

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Sometimes it just takes a social media outrage to start an investigation for suspected animal cruelty and heartbreaking neglect. Police in San Benito are now looking for the owners of two neglected dogs found wandering the streets in a possible animal cruelty case.

Hansel and Gretel were found just a few days ago and are now at the Harlingen Humane Society. According to KrgvNews, veterinary tech Kira Monroe explained the condition of the two pups. Both dogs came in with overgrown nails, emaciated and are relatively un-socialized.

“They were completely matted up to the skin, that’s extremely painful for dogs like this. The skin grows around; it’ll grow around itself and it’ll pull the skin.”

The story began on Sunday when, “A lot of dogs are in this condition,” is what a San Benito, Texas police officer allegedly told a concerned and worried animal advocate after a neighbor reported starving and severely neglected dogs in deplorable conditions that had been wandering the area searching for scraps of food to stay alive. Everyday the neighbor tries to help and feed the dogs, but their physical condition steadily deteriorated:

“They are emaciated, severely matted and barely surviving! The neighbor posted for help! The owners saw her post and got extremely upset,”  posted animal rescuer Leslie Ysuhuaylas. “The San Benito police was called and a report was made. Their response was ‘a lot of dogs are in this condition.’ They think this is acceptable! These dogs are dying slowly! These dogs need to be taken away! For them to think this is okay is the exact reason why there are so many neglect and abuse cases in the Rio Grande Valley! Please help get these dogs out of this house! There are three dogs in this house all in the same pathetic condition.”

San Benito Police Chief Michael Galvan stated an officer had been dispatched to the address the woman reported, as well as on social media as the photo of the dog in terrible condition garnered attention from across the country.

“It’s a shame that the dog is in that condition,” stated Chief Galvan. “Whoever took that picture, their first priority should have been not taking the picture and putting it on Facebook. It should’ve been notifying police.”

Animal advocates however disagree and contend the address where the dog was spotted was made public; concerned citizens  had been calling into the police  and reported the address. No one seemed to be getting anywhere nor were the dogs being helped until the photo of one dog went viral.

So far police have not been able to find the owner(s) of Hansel and Gretel. Life has improved for both dogs  who have been bathed and shaved, spayed and neutered and have received all of their vaccinations. Besides having to gain weight and learning social skills, the two will most likely be ready to find new homes.

(Photos of Hansel and Gretel via screenshots KrgvNews)

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5 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    The neighbor is feeding them and letting them wander around, why didn’t they call animal control much sooner? I guess I don’t understand people sometimes.

  2. susispot says:

    It sounds like the police were called and they shrugged it off. What are we paying you lazy asses for… get off your rusty dustys and find these abusers and save any and all the dogs you find in this condition. Pets are citizens too.

  3. Adrienne says:

    Texas needs to clean up their streets and save all these street dogs running loose. People dump them anywhere and the dogs wander the streets scrounging for food. Not enough rescues in Texas to pick up all the strays and police do what they can. There needs to be government officials involved in this problem and spay and neutering must be made mandatory and close down puppy mills all over the state.


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