Lost dogs find their way home after smelling sausages cooked by owners

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In Cumbria, England, a pair of adorable Schnauzers found their way back to their family after smelling sausages cooked by their owners in the same spot the dogs went missing. On June 16, during a family walk, the dogs disappeared into the fog leaving their owners, Liz and Graham Hampson devastated.

According to the family, the miniature Schnauzers Charlie and Theo had been missing for four days. Friends, relatives and neighbors launched a search party for the dogs, and despite 120 people and two drones combing the area, there was still no sign of the pooches. And then a friend suggested that the Hampsons cook sausages; the dogs’ favorite food – hoping the smell would entice the pair to return to the spot where they started.

“Cooked Cumberland sausage smell was wafting up the wide gap in the trees. Finally we packed up and were chatting to a couple of dog walkers from Middlesborough about our boys when I spotted them at the top of the tree line,” Liz posted on her Facebook page. “At which point I became a useless jibbering wreck.”

Although Charlie and Theo were quite thin and hungry, it had to have been their Sunday morning ritual of eating sausages, that helped them find their way home.

“Charlie and Theo are actually dad and son so we’re joking now they had a father’s day weekend,” Liz added. And they told us nothing about what happened. I guess what goes on tour, stays on tour.”

The dogs are safely home and resting up – always happy to write about a happy ending!

(Photos via #findcharlie and theo on Facebook)

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  1. Cynthia Como says:

    Awww! Overjoyed that these two cuties are back home and safe! The owners better keep them on a leash so this doesn’t happen again because the next time they might not be so lucky!


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