London: Abandoned mother slated to die after owner left with her puppy

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The abandoned mother dog was still producing milk when her owner tied her to a park bench and walked away with her puppy. And on Wednesday at approximately 1;00 p.m., London is now slated to die. She holds onto her “stuffie”, but who can really feel the extent of the emotional turmoil inflicted upon this dog after everything she knew was ripped away in just moments? To add to this girl’s death sentence at Brooklyn’s New York City Animal Care Centers,  concern her recent evaluation where her adoption status was changed to “New Hope” for “toy guarding.” 

Volunteer Rachel Bennette describes London:

“The first time I met her, completely full of milk, so recently having had puppies she was scared and didn’t want to come out with me, but she took my treats so gently, and was obviously grateful for them (she is skin and bones!) most recently, she was a different dog. So sweet and playful. I believe she originally had an average on her safer, which was changed to nh (New Hope) only for toy guarding. I didn’t witness this behavior at all, in fact you can see in the various videos she has that she relinquished the toy easily. However, it wouldn’t surprise me if she was showing an issue. She had her puppies taken from her, more than likely way too soon, and was dumped at a scary shelter. It’s surprising she’s even as loving as she is. She’s a tiny little thing, seems housebroken, appears to like other dogs and is full of personality.”

My name is LONDON. My Animal ID # is A1119481. “I am a female white and black am pit bull terrier mix. The shelter thinks I am about 4 YEARS old., approx 4 yrs old, weight 35 lbs, rated Rescue only – behavior determination and for CIRDC. While interacting in playgroup, London escalated to correction, lunging at the handler who used a spray bottle to interrupt.

A Facebook page for London can be followed here.

It is important to note upon intake on July 23, “London was very friendly and allowed the counselor to collar her and placed her head on the counselor lap.” On July 29, she was again evaluated and a staff member wrote:

“London honey, you are gorgeous. She’s a tiny little love bug with a big heart. Once I met London, I was in awe. She is so sweet and so kind. When I took London out, she had a loose wiggly body, and wagged her tail non-stop. London loves to be the center of attention. She likes to play around and burn out her energy. When in the play yard, we run around and London engages in play with her toys. She really loves her tennis balls. I can only imagine she dreams of pool full of tennis balls that she can lay her pretty self in one day and I tell you this much, she deserves it. As much as I enjoy this little lady’s company, I would love it if she can get a forever home, in which she wouldn’t have a worry or care in the world.”

On August 1, however life didn’t progress smoothly for London.

“London has growled and lunged at a handler while in playgroup when she was interrupted correcting another dog during a play session.”

Publicly adoptable dogs can be RESERVED via if you can get to the NYC ACC “in person” within 48 hours to complete the adoption process and bring home your dog.

If you cannot get to the shelter in person, please message Must Love Dogs – Saving NYC Dogs for assistance with filling out applications with rescues to foster or adopt both publicly adoptable or Rescue Only dogs. Please share London’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives.

Video of London:

Beautiful transformation – see how an abandoned dog recovered from near death (click here for adoption story).


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15 replies
  1. Pamela Garlisch says:

    It’s not surprising the change, she’s been through so much in a short time. I hope they can give her more time or she gets rescued and can bring out her true personality. She deserves it!

  2. Stormy Wallace says:

    Hope springs eternal, why that thought just came into my head just now, is because this all this poor dog has (or had), I’m in WA State. I hope a rescue came thru, I know its hard but dogs that come in a bad way, to me, should always be given a second chance.

  3. Jill says:

    Pledge $15 to this little girl….she has been thru a lot. And with the right people and training i know she will shine!!!!!

  4. Tonya Dantes says:

    She’s been put through hell by having her baby torn from her forever and had so much anguish and heartbreak in her short little life. She has hormones running rampant in her little body. They should give more time and compassion. This is wrong on so many levels.

  5. Barkley's Mom says:

    This poor baby needs someone to save her. She is there through no fault of her own and what a waste it will be if she doesn’t make it out.

  6. Nancy Raymond says:

    London desperately needs to get out of NYCACC – they will kill her in a heartbeat – I trust no staff member in that hell hole – their evaluations are of no merit whatsoever – this little dog needs to be rescued and given time to adjust which NYCACC NEVER does – this place is nothing more than a death row – it is time to get rid of Risa Weinstock who is too busy counting her six figure income to give any thought to animal welfare.

    • Tonya Dantes says:

      I’ll never understand why looney toons Risa is still there. She has her staff and volunteers under strict gag orders and if broken you are out. The volunteers here can’t cross her because she makes the animals pay for it with their lives. She likes to kill the big bodied bully breeds so she can sell them to the rendering plants by the pound. How do you think those dogs died from phenobarbital poisoning by eating their dog food!?! It happens all the time. Dogs dying to feed other dogs. I’m from Louisiana. If I live there, I would be outside on the sidewalk protesting every day and night until this witch is gone.
      Maybe someday, someone important enough to make this stop will hear or see what’s going on and how wrong this is. God help them all until that day comes.

    • linda says:

      Darla, London was saved on 8/2, pulled by Hunterdon Somerset Animal Rescue League. If you click on Must Love Dogs and scroll down to the many dogs in need of rescuing you will find her post.

  7. Cynthia Como says:

    Such great great news!!! I can’t tell u how relieved I am hearing this!! Thank u to who ever rescued her because like all dogs her life matters!!

  8. Sherry says:

    This doesn’t sound like a dangerous dog to me. Compare it to humans that have suffered great tragedy/stress. She acted out a bit; doesn’t even seem to be a true incident. Just a warning growl. It just takes someone not afraid of their own shadow to give a little love, time, training to this dog and I think she would do great. Maybe someone with a little dog experience with a big heart in that area will step up. She looks lovely to me. A growl a little behavioral issue should not be a death sentence for this beautiful animal. She just needs some manners and training with love…sounds like she didn’t get anything but abuse before. Praying for her.


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