Loitering ducks? Great Bend police officer takes ‘webbed footprints’ to find their owner

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Over the Fourth of July weekend in New Milford, Pennsylvania, the Great Bend Police were notified about a charge of loitering ducks outside of a Susquehanna County gas station. According to the organization’s Facebook page, Officer Sheehan found the friendly, quacking foursome had wandered to the back of a local grocery store – the Pump and Pantry.

That’s when the Great Bend Police shared the photos of the wayward waddling crew on their Facebook page in search of their owner:

“Ducks in custody? Officer Sheehan took four ducks in custody after they were loitering at the Pump and Pantry in New Milford,” police said. “We were able to find the owner to pick them up.”

Police called the owner of the ducks Cindy Osiecki, however it wasn’t a call she had been expecting. According to KtlaNews, Cindy didn’t know what to say when police called:

“I thought it was funny. I’m like ‘are you serious?'” Cindy asked the officers. They were like ‘yeah we took them’ because I guess people were trying to take my ducks, and everyone was feeding them, even the cop fed them bread,” continued Cindy. “It’s not like they wander far from home. That was the first time that I ever saw them go up to the Pump and Pantry because normally they go to my neighbors. Our ducks are famous and they’re cool and awesome.”

And again we thank our men in blue for their patience and their obvious love of animals. When the department posted the photos of the ducks on their Facebook page, the post was shared more than 500 times. The Great Bend Police Department couldn’t have been more gracious, along with their generous amount of humor to make the news and to make us smile. Whether the loitering ducks were “webbed footprinted” remains a closely guarded secret, but the foursome busily quacked among themselves the entire ride back to the police station. No doubt they were thanking Officer Sheehan for helping them get home.

(Photos of loitering ducks courtesy of Great Bend PD and Cindy Osiecki)

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A sweet and unusual friendship!

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  1. Jane Nystel says:

    Please tell me the idiot owner is keeping her ducks at home! If they are THAT trusting, a stranger could nab them and make a meal out of them…There are crazies out there lady!


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