Little Raven abandoned in cardboard box: Proof that angels exist

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In Fontana, California, a Good Samaritan spotted an abandoned cardboard box on the side of the road Saturday afternoon. Two tiny white heads popped up, and there they were. The box was soaked with their urine and feces; the pups had been lying there for hours. Someone had dropped the two small dogs off; one of them crying out in horrific pain.

“Found in a box after being hit by a car and in pain. I have to steal myself against the monsters out there because this type of horror is happening daily. We can only try. We will give her the best chance possible,” stated rescue volunteer, Faith Easdale.

Dream Fetchers, a non-profit rescue organization, focusing on rescuing dogs from the streets, stepped forward to help. One puppy was able to be transferred to a foster home; sadly the other pup’s prognosis wasn’t as optimistic. Dubbed Little Raven, which translates to “God’s whisper,”  the tiny dog whimpered in agony, as she was being transported to the vet. Even the tender kisses of her little canine sister couldn’t ease her pain.


When brought to an emergency veterinarian hospital, staff suggested the little dog be humanely euthanized.

“I listened to what they said and said you’re not killing her,” stated Shanna Franklin. “We transferred her to our regular Irvine vet where they discovered her spine had a break too. I listened again, and the evidence said wait – listen.”


And instead of humanely euthanizing Little Raven, everyone waited; the signs were promising. It wasn’t long before Little Raven started giving out kisses and began to eat.

“We agreed to see if she could urinate and go to the bathroom on her own. That would be the next sign,” continue Shanna.



Raven will remain in the hospital while she gets stronger and is able to maneuver better. Is there any doubt that Raven has angels surrounding her?

(Photos and videos of dogs discovered in cardboard box courtesy of Faith Easdale)

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  1. If I could have one wish granted for Christmas, all animal abusers would disappear from the face of the earth and all creation leaving behind nothing, not even a memory. Then all animals would be safe. If only …..

  2. Thanks for saving Raven and her friend, and for having faith in these small, innocent animals.People who allowed them to get this way should be in jail and make friends with the inmates.

  3. I will pray for little Raven….I know she is missing her sibling…..maybe if they could be together while she heals…..I’m sure it would help… and prayers sometimes are the best medicine…..shame on the person who left in them in the box by the road….

  4. When you see how precious and loving these animals are, how can anyone hurt them? This little doll baby wants to live. I hope she makes a full recovery.

  5. God bless Shana Franklin for not giving up on little Raven – Thank You for your dedication and persistence – may this little darling fully recover and find the safe loving home she never had. And to the hunk of maggot shit who dumped these innocent defenseless puppies, may the remainder of your life be one of constant pain and persistent suffering, and best of all, may it be lethal. Your cruelty only proved you should have been an abortion.

  6. I want the same wish as Gizmos mommy…… I want all animal abusers, murderers to disappear, go away, never been seen again. They do not deserve to breathe!


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