Little lives matter: Manatee deputies rescue lost baby duckling

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At the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office, little lives matter. When a call came into  the department a few days ago about a lost duckling wandering in a parking lot, Deputy French set out on a rescue mission. Tiny peeps from beneath the mail truck guided the officer to the lost duckling’s location. Fortunately, the officer was able to find the mother duck and carefully reunited the baby with his mom. As reported, the baby has been happily reunited with the rest of his brood.

Since there seems to be so many baby ducklings waddling around, and it’s bound to happen; a baby gets separated from his mother. Intervening can ensure the baby has an opportunity to survive, but it is only advised if rehabilitators or police are not available to assist. There are four basic reasons why ducklings are found abandoned:

  • Late hatching
  • Became separated or too weak during walk back to water after hatching
  • Injured
  • Human, pet or predator interference

Ducklings are defenseless and rely on their mothers for warmth and safety. Lone babies can quickly become victims of prey and injury. Until they are several weeks old (once they begin growing feathers on their breast), babies can not generate their own body heat. In addition, baby ducklings should not be placed in water; they can drown. Until they grow feathers, ducklings get their waterproofing ability from the oils on mom’s feathers.  As for feeding them, they need a special diet. Little ones can easily become hypoglycemic, and be sure to confer with a wildlife specialist first.

Please remember that baby ducklings call their mother by peeping. Their mothers can identify their babies via sound.  All wild ducks ducklings are federally protected birds; please allow them to be with their families.

Many thanks to our men in uniform for making all lives count. Enjoy the photos which are the courtesy of the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office. Stop by the organization’s Facebook page and thank Officer French. He is just too cute with the just too cute baby duckling. We love seeing the softer side of the brave men and women who work to save lives and keep us safe everyday.

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