Senior dog suffered years of neglect

After a lifetime of neglect, will anyone ever give this senior dog a home?

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After what appears to be a lifetime of neglect, is there one person who will consider offering this senior dog a home that she deserves? Kindness, a nine-year-old pit bull, was rescued after living a life where she mattered to no one.

The Seattle-based rescue group, Rescue Every Dog, wrote:

Kindness had never been the priority to anyone. She had been a baby making machine, and had never seemed to have been provided real vet care.

Nobody has taken any interest in this beautiful senior…is she too old? Is it her gray muzzle or cropped ears? Is it because she is a black dog? A pit bull? Whatever the reason, this lovely old girl deserves to have someone see her for the wonderful dog that she is.

Her rescue group wrote:

Kindness is a super sweet, 9 year old pittie, who despite the apparent neglect she had experienced at the hands of humans, her love for people is still unparalleled. She prefers hanging around with any human available, to her comfy and cozy bed. Kindness’ attitude towards others is truly incredible for a dog who has gone through even half of what she has experienced. She has been an amazing dog to help, and her foster mom adores her, as have all her veterinary helpers, and the staff at R.E.D.

Read more about Kindness, and how you can go about offering her the future that she deserves, at this link.

(Image via Facebook)

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6 replies
  1. Erin W. says:

    This poor baby! I will adopt her! I am a senior myself! I have a little 10 year old, SHIH ZHU. Also, 2 cats, one is 15. Do you think she would get along? I am in Washington state. Is there any chance of transport, or a transfer here?

  2. Adrienne says:

    Please someone give your love to this senior girl. She will reward you with more love than you could possibly imagine. Just a pat on her head and being by your side is all she asks. I don’t live in that state, but would take this senior in a heartbeat.


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