Leave it to NYC dog owners: Creative ways subway pets ride in bags

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The New York City’s Metropolitan Transit Authority (aka the subway) is one of the best ways to maneuver through the city streets without owning a car or sitting in traffic. Although the city is known to be pet friendly, certain rules for public transportation exist – new rules about dogs having to be carried in bags passed into law despite a lot of growling and barking. Obviously the law was enacted so a person’s dog wouldn’t annoy other passengers; you know someone who might not like dogs! Could that be?

For pooch parents with smaller dogs, it has always been pretty routine, so the latest law wasn’t much of a hardship. Service dogs and emotional support dogs are still allowed as long as they are identified and leashed, but what about the big dogs?  After all, lots of people have big dogs and quite frankly, don’t they get to accompany their people too? And while many big dog owners have turned to Uber for those long trips to the park, never underestimate the spunk of the more creative pup parents who now legally ride the subway.

Delving into the particulars of the carry-on bag requirements, big pup parents checked to be sure there were no maximum sizes designated for dog carriers. Therefore, New Yorkers have cleverly delved into the more original interpretations of dog “carriers.” Most fellow passengers on the subway are supportive; the ingenuity, the humor and the faces of the dogs absolutely bring about more smiles than we could even imagine. Sure, there might be a “grumpy lumpy” traveling the subway once in awhile who turns his back on the clever owners and their adorable canine pals, but from pit bulls in duffel bags to poodles in beach bags, no one can ever underestimate the ingenuity of dog lovers.

(Photos of subway dogs in bags via Twitter and Facebook)

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