Dogs in neighborhood are killing cats

At least one dog involved in multiple cat attacks will be put down

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According to a Florida dog owner, at least one of the dogs behind a rash of cat attacks in the Murray Hill area of Jacksonville, will be put down. According to First Coast News, several dogs have been roaming the area for some time and over two dozen cats in the neighborhood have fallen victim.

Just last Friday, seven cats were killed by the mixed breed dogs – Elizabeth Breting, the owner of one cat, saw a surveillance video of the dogs attacking. She told First Coast News, “They were just basically eating my cat,” adding, “I cried for about 24 hours. I miss my cat terribly.”

According to News Jax 4, police records indicate that the dogs belong to Brandon Carlisle, a man who lives not far from where the attacks are happening. It is believed that animal control picked up the dogs, but returned them to Carlisle.

Why the dogs are allowed to continually roam the neighborhood, without supervision, is unknown. The city is currently investigating the situation.

(Image/screenshot from surveillance video)

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8 replies
  1. Linda Szymoniak says:

    The cats AND dogs were failed by their humans. My cats are – and will always be – indoor-only cats. We have feral cats in our neighborhood, and I know there are others in our area who let their cats out. We also have a cat killer just across the street from us. We KNOW he’s killed at least some of the feral cats (and the town won’t do s*** about it since we can’t give them the proof their require). I’ve warned one neighbor to PLEASE keep their cat inside – and since then they have. Dogs should NOT be allowed to roam, either. My dogs are either in our securely fenced yard or on a leash any time they are outside. I feel for the people who lost their cats, but my real sympathy goes to the cats since they were failed by both their own humans and the humans who let their dogs roam. It does make me wonder if the dogs had been trained to fight, since so many times the monsters who train and fight the dogs do use cats as training bait.

      • Nancy Raymond says:

        You nailed it – these dogs are being punished because a negligent idiot piss poor example of an owner named Brandon Carlisle just opened the door and let them go – in addition, the cat owners need to wake up and keep your cats indoors – so they are also at fault, right Elizabeth Brenting? The owners are to blame – euthanize them!

  2. Pamela Garlisch says:

    Just another instance of authorities doing the wrong thing by returning the dogs to the owner! Why not err on the side of caution and DO NOT return the animals to the owner and INVESTIGATE the problem? Sounds like a bunch of lazy Floridians to me!

  3. Red says:

    Once again………dogs pay the ultimately price for belonging to IDIOTS who do not control them, socialize them and contain them in a yard or home……. Brandon Carlisle…… YOU DO NOT DESERVE TO EVER OWN ANOTHER ANIMAL FOR THE REST OF YOUR WORTLESS, USELESS DAYS.

  4. Maureen De says:

    I’m not saying this is right but when u let ur cats out you open the door to danger..

    This guy let’s his dogs roam just like the owners of those cats..

    I don’t believe the dog should be murdered…

    Guy should keep his dogs inside
    And cat owners should keep their cats inside ..

    Seriously when you let your cat or dog out u open the door to danger

    Seriously in florida ..gators pythons
    U let ur pets out .

    Sadly I don’t feel for the owners
    I feel for the animals…


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