Lawyer for suspected Puppy Doe abuser weighs jury opinion on his client testifying

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In Dedham, Massachusetts and around the world, animal lovers have been waiting for more than four years for justice for a two-year-old dog, dubbed “Puppy Doe” who had been so severely abused she had to be euthanized shortly after she was found clinging onto life at a nearby playground.

Radoslaw Czerkawski’s trial is scheduled to begin later this month. Czerkawski has pleaded not guilty, and suggests youngsters drinking in the park where the pup was found, were responsible for the abuse.  Defense attorney Larry Tipton has asked Judge Kenneth Fishman, scheduled to be presiding as the October 24 trial begins, to poll prospective jurors if they would dismiss as untrustworthy the testimony of a witness with a previous conviction. According to the Boston Herald, Tipton wants to know if the jury is likely to believe a defendant was “most likely to be guilty of the offense they’re being tried for if they already had a previous conviction.  Czerkawski has been found guilty of larceny in 2015 for stealing from the elderly woman he had been hired to care for by the family’s children.

Czerkawski was sentenced to three to five years in prison for stealing $130,000 and to another three to five years for taking $4,500 from St. Lawrence Martyr Parish in New Bedford, where he had lived temporarily in 2012.

Czerkawski appeared in court on Thursday in chains. A Polish interpreter sat next to him. Tipton told the court he has not ruled out using a jury from out of the county if he felt a local jury couldn’t be fair based on the extensive publicity. More disturbing information surfaced on Thursday when it was revealed that Czerkawski had photos of  dozens of puppies, men with dogs and at least one animal cruelty image on his computer. 

Czerkawski faces 12 counts of animal cruelty, including the infliction of heinous injuries on the dog who was found in a Quincy park, close to where Czerkawski had been caring for the elderly woman in Quincy. Prosecutors stated Czerkawski had found the dog free of charge on Craigslist and spent weeks torturing the two-year-old pooch by stabbing her in the eye, burning her, pulling her limbs from the joints and slicing her tongue in half like a serpent. The despicable treatment was described as “medieval torture.”

Puppy Doe’s condition was so severe, veterinarians decided humanely euthanize the dog.

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22 replies
  1. Nancy Raymond says:

    This bastard should just be taken out and executed in public – I think the whole state of Massachusetts would attend. Radoslaw Czerkawski has proven he will abuse anyone or anything that cannot defend itself – some people do not deserve to live and this maggot is a prime example. I hope the authorities in Dedham, Mass. have the backbone to give him exactly what he deserves – NO SLAP ON THE WRIST!

    • Kathy Huffman says:

      I think the whole US would attend that & applaud, piece of crap. I can’t think of a punishment that would fit the crime unless they do to him the same thing he did to that sweet baby. I hope he rots in hell.

  2. Stephen Phillips says:

    Here’s the simplest solution:

    Spare the time, trouble, and expense of this sham trial, and enact the following…

    ” [spend] weeks torturing [him] by stabbing [him] in the eye, burning [him], pulling [his] limbs from the joints and slicing [his] tongue in half like a serpent. This despicable treatment [is] described as “medieval torture [a/k/a ‘poetic justice’].”

    [make sure HIS] condition [is] so severe, [that it requires inhumane euthanization]!

  3. vicki hood says:

    This is long time coming. `We pray for Puppy Doe that she will be with the best at rainbow bridge. She will always be loved by many. If the courts let this monster off with a slap the courts need to realize their child could be next. This so called man is of the worst monsters. Prison for life if possible. Bubba might help.

  4. maxiemom says:

    If there were ever a reason for giving the death penalty to an animal abuser, this would be it. This piece of s**t does NOT deserve to breathe for one more day, and if there were any justice, he would already be dead.

    RIP sweet girl. You were failed by the humans who should have protected you, and are an example of why craigslist needs to stop these abominable ads.

  5. Adrienne says:

    The torture and abuse he gave Puppy Doe should be done to him until he is on the brink of death. Then revive him and start all over again until he dies a slow, tortuous death. Punishment should be eye for an eye and I am positive all who know about this case would agree. Just hope the judge passes down a swift sentence that the public would agree with. I know he is not going to be tortured like he did to Puppy Joe, but am hoping that in jail his fellow inmates will do worse to him and the guards turn their backs to him.

  6. Linda Goodman says:

    Do The same things that he did too PUPPY DOE. I hope that the SOB rots in Hell someday. Puppy Doe did not deserve this abuse. Know animal deserves any abuse.

  7. Mary Ann Clark says:

    They should torture him precisely the way he tortured this poor dog and then execute him! A jury from out of the country should not be allowed because he committed the crimes here! They should be no excuse for what this sadistic monster did!

  8. CJohnson says:

    Please fry him. He is a danger to anyone that that he has power over. He represents the worst of the worst of humanity. Make him pay the ultimate price for the pain he inflicted on this poor sweet dog. And for anyone else he has hurt…because I’m sure there are others.

  9. Diane says:

    She could not scream. She could not cry for help. She suffered the most evil, barbaric torture ever. You sick Fuc*. Not only do I hope you Rot in HELL forever. I pray you are tortured every single day before you get there. Rot Radoslaw !!

  10. Cynthia Como says:

    I had to wait a few days before reading this post. The mere mention of the name Puppy Doe immediately makes me cry like none other! I will NEVER,EVER recover from being made aware of this horror….EVER! And if this evil,sick,depraved DEVIL doesn’t recieve a harsh,harsh sentence I’m going to go absolutely ballistic!!!! PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE DEAR GOD IN HEAVEN LET THIS DEPRAVED POS GET TORTURED IN PRISON…. PLEASE!!!! I HAVE NEVER WISH SO HARD FOR SOMETHING AS MUCH AS THIS MOGGOT GETTING SOME WELL DESERVED SLOW TORTURE…..AND MAYBE WITH SOME LUCK THAT TORTURE WILL LEAD TO HIS SLOW AND PAINFUL DEATH! WHY? JUST WHY DID THIS HAVE TO HAPPEN? WHY??? THE DEEP PAIN I FEEL FOR THIS DOGS TORTURE IS RELENTLESS!! HOW I WISH I COULD OF SAVED HER? WHY??? WHY??? OMG!!!!!

  11. Shahla says:

    This man has to be stabbed on eyes , getting his toung cut in half and leave him to die slowly in pain ! If this man tourtered a child with these horrific acts could last this long!?
    Get rid of him and kill him and do not waste tax payers money on him , he deserves to be dead he is dangerous!!! Poor animals need stronger laws for protection! So other sick people think twice before harm any animal!

  12. Sharyn Pringle says:

    I’m from Australia & if I was on the jury I would commit this psychopath to daily torture, whip him till he bleeds & then give 50 more lashes, chop off his tongue, gauge his eyes out, chop off both hands & lock him up forever without medical intervention & only feed him maggot ridden food. Please other prisoners get hold of this fxxx & throw some acid all over him.


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