Dog at Texas animal control

Latest on dog scheduled to die in Texas animal control facility

Thousands of people have rallied behind a homeless dog at a Texas animal control facility – the dog, a six-year-old pit bull mix, was well past her “safe” period of time at the Harris County Animal Shelter and during her stay at the facility, she fell ill.

As of Thursday, the “E-date” for this dog was Friday morning. The Pet Rescue Report is happy to let readers know that the dog, now known as “Smiles,” is receiving much needed veterinary care. The volunteer-run Facebook page, Harris County Animal Shelter Volunteers, shared the news with page followers:

We have THE BEST FIRDAY NEWS EVER! Smiles is out and on her way to the vet! With the help of one of our awesome rescue groups and YOUR donations, she will start getting the vet care she needs. We have been told that she is EXREMELY ill, she has probably advanced to having pneumonia, so please pray that she will pull through.

The page noted the severity of Smiles’ health issues:

We have been fighting for Smiles for TWO WEEKS now. She is even worse off than before. She is high heartworm positive, has a potentially cancerous tumor, a severe upper respiratory infection, and who know what other health issues. Her vet bills will be well over $1,000, but we can’t give up on her. We have seen miracles happen before, and we are believing we can make one happen for her too!

Smiles is receiving care, but she still needs a local foster home. The volunteer-run Facebook page stated:

Smiles needs a local foster, and donations for her care. If she had enough donations though, we may be able to place her in boarding until she is well enough for adoption, but the cost there would be quite high.
As always 100% of your donation goes straight to the non-profit rescue that saves Smiles, and if she isn’t rescued, your donation is refunded. and say it is for Smiles!

They added:

All it takes is ONE PERSON in a county of FOUR MILLION to step up to save her life. If one person cannot step up for her, we have failed her, not the shelter.

Harris County Animal Shelter
612 Canino Rd. Houston, TX 77076

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