Kentucky man kills his horse with an axe for jumping the fence

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In a disturbing act of animal cruelty, a Wolfe County man has been accused of killing his horse with an axe. Authorities arrested Carl Miller after he admitted that he had become angry at his horse for damaging the fence when the horse would jump over it to graze in the neighbor’s yard.

According to WkytNews, Miller, 72, struck the miniature horse in the head with an axe because he didn’t have a gun. His daughter, Starr Campbell stated she wasn’t really defending her father for the terrible act, but tried to explain that was the way his generation handled animals they no longer found useful or wanted. The horse had been a gift for his grandson.

“I see both sides,” Campbell said. “I don’t condone what he did. I don’t like what he did. But he’s from that generation where that’s what they did when they didn’t see anything fit, they got rid of it.”

Miller now faces second degree animal cruelty charges. His court date is set for August 19.

(Photos of Miller and the fencing the miniature horse ruined via screenshots from WktyNews)


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  1. Throw the book at him! He’s living in the 21st century now and should know right from wrong! You don’t just kill something because it doesn’t do what you want it to do!

  2. OMG! I would like to take an axe and hack his head off. No excuse for killing this horse. I don’t care what generation he’s from. Lock him up!

  3. THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR THIS TYPE OF BEHAVIOR TO A SMALL HORSE OR ANY ANIMAL!!! If the daughter feels this way, then all animals should be removed from their care. This is a despicable act of punishment to an animal that only wanted to graze on better grass. RIP little horse. Live in Hell Carl Miller.

  4. People were hung years ago too- does he believe in that? I would not even acknowledge a father if he did this cruelty.

  5. This makes me want to puke! This is a dangerous psychopathic lunatic!!! Hey fuck face scumbag how about rehoming the horse? U can bet there are plenty of animal lovers out there that would of been thrilled to have a beautiful miniature horse,they are so beautiful! Psychos like this sewer rat think that an animal is intentionally trying to make its owner mad instead of it following what comes natural to it! I am so very very sickened by this!

    • Absolutely Cindy the man is acting like the horse did it on purpose, when the horse is being a horse doing what horses do. And yes your idea to rehome the horse should have been his 1st thought. If all these animal abusers would take the time to do just that there would be no abuse

  6. First of all, SHAME on his daughter for defending this vile POS. I don’t give a rat’s ass if “that’s the way they handled things back in this day”: I KNOW people his age who had to make changes from ‘the good old days’ into THIS CENTURY, and they did it. If they didn’t, they belong in jail, ,and they should NOT be around to INFECT their grandchildren with this kind of inhumane, despicable, cruel, vicious behavior.

    When she said “that’s how they did it”, SHE WAS EXCUSING HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That horse wasn’t even his!!! The poor thing belonged to his GRANDSON, who now has to deal with having a monster for a grandfather (which he probably already knew) and the knowledge of what that scumbag did to his horse!

    He belongs in jail for years, but alas, he’ll probably get months at most.

    • I know plenty of people in their 70s and older that don’t live by this made up fucked up rule from back in the day nor have they ever heard of it, must be a backwoods hillbilly thing

    • And the grandson has to deal with his mom on grampas side. Don’t mom think for one minute this won’t affect her sons growing up

  7. His Generation???? REALLY??? Is that what everyone is going to use now when they abuse an animal??? That’s BULLSHIT!!!!

    • That’s absolutely bullshit. Just because my moms generation used the switch on us, does that give me a reason to treat my sons that way? Hell no! Don’t play that’s the generation card !

  8. Carl Miller is from MY generation and I would like to report this is not how I and many others of this generation would handle this sort of situation “it must be a Kentucky thing” and his daughter “explaining” his despicable actions is mind boggling. The little horse had been a gift for his grandson, I would like to know what the grandson thinks of “grandpa” killing his horse like this.

    • Out of all 50 states KENTUCKY has ranked 50th for animal cruelty laws for the last 9 years! So they have THE WORSE animal cruelty laws out of all 50 states in the United States and have made NO IMPROVEMENT in this area…..SO DONT THINK FOR ONE SECOND THAT HE WILL BE PUNISHED IN ANY MEANINGFUL WAY! I would never reside in this state,hell I don’t want to even drive thru this backwoods, behind the times state! THEY ARE SHAMFUL!!!

      • Tami, it’s true. Illinois Holds on to First Place While Kentucky Remains the Weakest in Animal Protection as of 2016 reports.

  9. What a disgusting POS…….
    Hope he is arrested & locked up forever with animal lovers who can give him “special attention”…….
    Hope the rest of his useless life is filled with pain and suffering. Execution would improve our planet since this POS is a waste of resources…… Hope he gets to Hell sooner vs. later……
    RIP angel. The monster who did this to you will burn in Hell forever for his cruelty…….

    BTW: my cousins are ranchers and killing an animal with an axe is NOT how unwanted or excess livestock are treated…….

  10. Your daughter can go fuck herself this is what they did back then fuck you bitch he deserves an ax in his fucking face this family sounds like A bunch of morons

  11. This man is a sick monster and NO one in this day and time believes or feels that is the appropriate thing to do to any animal they no longer want. LOCK THIS MONSTER AWAY and remove all animals from his sick and perverted life.

  12. Bullshit….my great grandfather said they would hang the person for harming a horse, in Texas it was a hanging offense. …you and your father are despicable.

  13. A sadistic POS!!! Along with his stupid daughter. Hope when she’ll finds him no longer usefull or wanted she will kill him with an axe !!!

  14. U gotta be fkm. U pos. U garbage. Thats not the way to do it. Dont want to say what should happen to him
    Poor little horse. Dont let that family have no pets at all. Never

  15. What a fucked up family! He’s an asshole and the daughter is an ignorant dumb bitch. What about finding a home for the horse. He lost his temper and swung the ax to purposely kill it because he was pissed. What a sick family!

  16. This is beyond belief!!!! She is lucky he didn’t kill her with an ax when she did something wrong growing up! This disturb SOB needs prison for 20 years with animal lovers.!!! Or hell..

  17. horses do not jump out of the encloser they are not wired that way. they stay by their familiar food and shelter. this horse was so scared and so menaced by this man he chose the scarryness of over the wall to get away. His family knew the man is a danger and was taking anger and hate out on this animal.
    so the horse manages to escape and was brought back.
    to be punished.
    the living horror of being butchered alive,by a hideous ugly scary man.
    the poor thing.
    as family members watched from a kitchen window, panicking , not calling police and knowing to enter in this axe swinging frey would be triple bloody murder,

    Micro chipped!
    registered and monotored.
    Create a job and title, employ x race track back barn employees.
    create a horse social worker.
    create this job and get rid of 5 money sucking jobs from last centery.
    Why can this happen.
    I for one have had about enough of what to do with horses.
    They need a social worker and a social security #. Now

  18. That axe belongs embedded in Carl Miller’s skull – he is a waste of flesh and blood – nothing more than a knuckle dragging cave dweller – I know no one in their 70’s who would use that piss poor excuse ‘that’s the way it was done’ is total and complete garbage – his grandson needs to disown this old fuck ASAP.

  19. So sorry delusional granddaughter, but there has been no generation known for “axe murders”. That is NOT the way they did it in grandpa’s day. The man is just a cruel, sociopathic NUTJOB. PUT HIM IN JAIL OR UNDER IT.

  20. P.S. Not sure if granddaughter is safe for society either, since she can see his side of murdering the horse for jumping a fence. Good lord, crazies!!


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