Judge Judy lets dog decide who he really loves in open courtroom

Just look at your own dog this moment and those eyes – there is a special bond between dogs and their humans. So who could be surprised the spunky Judge Judy Sheindlin, a dog lover herself, wouldn’t take the opportunity for a dog to decide who his real owner was during a tense courtroom moment.

In a viral clip of “Judge Judy” posted Monday, two pet owners presented separate cases for custody of a once “shared” pooch. It would be up to the judge who would be granted custody of the adorable pint-sized pup; which each party going back and forth claiming ownership. When Judge Judy finally had enough, and if you’ve ever tuned into the popular courtroom drama, it’s pretty easy to see when she runs out of patience and wants to get the issue resolved.

 Judge Judy ordered the dog be brought into the courtroom and let loose. With his tiny tail wagging, the little pup rushed to the man and jumped on his leg; the man began to cry.

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Video: You can decide for yourself

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  1. Judy says:

    Good for you, Judge Judy. I love Judge Judy. She has an uncanny ability to see thru people’s BS. As a result of this, I think she renders good decisions which are fair and just. I can’t always say that about our legal system. Too bad we don’t have more judges like her.

  2. Sarah says:

    From the clip I watched this dog was not once “shared” between to the two and she was deciding custody. The dog was stolen and the woman bought him from a lady on the street for $50 who claimed she had to get rid of him bc her pitbull was aggressive towards him. I feel bad for both parties and wish they could find the woman that stole and sold him.

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      If I bought a dog off the street from someone and later found out it had been stolen. I would return the dog to the rightful owner. These people shouldn’t have even been in court over this, the morally right thing to do would have been return the dog. Had I been the rightful owner I would have reimbursed the lady the $50 she spent it would have been worth it to me to get my dog back. It was obvious from the clip the dog knew who his owner was and ran right to him. I too wish the POS that stole the dog could be found, this wasn’t most likely the first dog they had stolen and most likely won’t be the last.

  3. Nancy Raymond says:

    I saw this segment on TV twice and it was obvious from the minute that little dog saw the gentleman that it WAS his dog – I loved it – and was so gratified the man and his beloved dog were reunited. The defendant was scammed by a thief –


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