Investigation of 16-year-old punk’s Snapchat showing cat tossed into street

Credit: Twitter/_donaldberry
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In Fontana, California, a nine-second video posted to social networks Snapchat and Twitter has gone viral showing a teen throwing a cat into the street as if it were a football. The video shows the boy holding a cat in his arms for a moment and then launching the animal at least 20 yards into the air. The  frightened cat can be heard meowing and whining as it hits the street.

The Fontana Police Department tweeted on Saturday several times they had been contacted by numerous people regarding the disturbing video.

“It has been determined that the incident took place outside our city and we are working with the appropriate jurisdiction to find the cat and the suspect,” police initially wrote on their Facebook page.

By Saturday evening, the Ontario Police tweeted they had found the cat and its owner:

We are investigating the animal cruelty to a cat video. We have located the cat & owner. The cat has leg fracture but is going to be ok.

The cat is expected to recover. The suspect has not been publicly identified because of his age. He has not been located nor arrested as of this time. The Inland Valley Humane Society is assisting in the investigation and caring for the cat.
Anyone with information is asked to contact the Ontario Police Department at 909.395.2001.
Disturbing video – viewer discretion a must!

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Who’s surprised with this revelation?

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  1. Good picture of the guy they should be able to find them if they want to, and when they do why protect him just release his name and let things take care of itself.

  2. He hasn’t been arrested and they are continuing to investigate??? This sounds like a whole lot of BS…’s on video and what better proof and evidence do u need than that? Teach this cruel,vicious,insensitive and heartless POS a well needed lesson NOW!! Arrest this little animal abusing asshole and punish him! FREAKING LITTLE PUNK!!!!!!!

  3. WHY has this miserable inbred punk NOT been arrested? The video shows exactly who he is and what he did and to allow him to treat an animal so cruelly and nothing is done is beyond frustrating – I am so sick and tired of this overused ‘excuse’ not using the name because they are underage – he is not too underage to abuse an innocent animal then his picture, name and address should be printed so all can see what an underage maggot looks like – this country is way too lenient on kids who abuse animals and we wonder why we have so many serial killers running loose. Unreal w/the excuses the Ontario cops come up with to not get this punk arrested.

  4. Police can see his face from the video so go and arrest him. Before that, throw him into the oncoming traffic and see how he does flying through the air.

  5. Age be damned!!! If they are sorry enough to do something like this, then they are good enough for the world to know their names. No plea deals! That is why they do it over and over again. They know that they can get away with it because of their age. CLOSE THAT DOOR. NO PLEA DEALS.

  6. I think more enters into this particular incident than they can’t locate the youth who committed this crime!!! The authorities are becoming more and more hands off certain nationalities so as not to cause racial unrest!!! Sad but True!

      This BOO HOO POOR ME is getting so FXXKING old!! All this RACIST crap is coming from the ones that claim to be the minority!! I say bull ????!!
      And these punk ass kids should be NAMED & TOSSED IN JAIL!! Only way they “might” stop being IDIOTIC, CRUEL, NASTY BRATS!! ugh.

  7. PLEASE HELP THE CAT”S OWNER SUE THE KID AND HIS PARENTS FOR NOT ONLY DAMAGES BUT ALSO FOR INFLICTION OF EMOTIONAL DISTRESS AND BANKRUPT THEM. The police don’t give a shit because he’s a minor and the law generally sees this as a property crime. So hit him where it hurts AND as he’s a minor, join his parents to the suit. Maybe they’ll kick his ass if they have to go to court for liability. And make sure to include an animal is a family member and these parents have raised a son who is likely to do this to helpless little girls next!


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