Injured puppy found in trash can

Injured puppy recovering after being found in trash can

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A darling puppy is recovering after he was discovered in a plastic bag, thrown away like garbage in a trash can in Englewood, Illinois. The puppy, dubbed “Mr. Riley,” is covered in bite wounds – it is surmised that he was used as a bait dog, to help train fighting dogs how to attack, maim and kill.

On January 23, the Animal Welfare League reached out to the public for help in finding out whoever is responsible for injuring the innocent puppy. The shelter stated:

Help Us Help Them!
Found by police in an area being investigated for dog fighting. This little 4 month old American Staffordshire terrier “bait baby” was in a plastic bag, inside the garbage can. Police say, the puppy was used as a teaching device to train dogs to fight.

According to the shelter, not only is the puppy’s body covered in bite wounds, but his “little manhood” was mangled and nearly bitten off. Mr. Riley underwent emergency surgery to help repair the damage – he is now recuperating from his injuries.

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Donate by visiting our shelter:
Animal Welfare League
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Chicago Ridge, IL 60415

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  1. Edward Nagle says:

    dirtbags i would fix the problem take my bat and bust ur knees hands arms legs so you could never fight again you dooche bags

  2. S burns says:

    What is being done to catch and prosecute these animals? Anyone who can train a dog to attack another dog or watch as a helpless puppy is bitten to pieces shouldn’t be walking the streets.

  3. Sherry says:

    This society has become so sadly brutal and inhumane. I am turning so bitter against all these monsters out there. We need to gather them up and put them in one big plastic bag for the trash. Revolting.

  4. pennysdachshund says:

    A benefactor should OFFER A LARGE REWARD That will bring the moles from the Hole for the MONEY!!! Gather the white sheets and remove the “MANHOODS” of these Bastards with a DULL KNIFE!!!! Then they can feel how that poor little male puppy felt!!!!


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