Injured, homeless puppy in need of second chance

Injured and homeless puppy in need of a second chance

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An injured and homeless puppy is in need of a second chance. Six-month-old Cookie is just a pup, but already she has experienced the sad life of an outdoor only dog. Cookie was recently surrendered by her former owner and today, she is hoping to find a new owner, in a home where she can be part of the family.

On Saturday, the Facebook page, Chester County Dog Tails, wrote:

“Wow💔 Talk about a heartbreaking face. This is 6-month puppy Cookie. Her eyes seem to tell a sad tale and she is desperate for something good to happen for her finally. Cute Cookie was surrendered with her sister Keys, and they have both lived their lives as permanently outside dogs. She has a wound in between her eyes that looks to be quite painful, she is petrified and is so in need of some love. Her volunteer friends that have visited her say she is so nice and sweet.”

Cookie is being held at ACCT Philly (111 W. Hunting Park Ave., Philadelphia, PA) She is “rescue only.” Interested rescue agencies should email:

(Image via Facebook)

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5 replies
  1. marni says:

    Are they taking care of the painful wound between her eyes?
    What’s wrong with people who can leave their dogs outside all the time? Something is very wrong with that.

  2. Nancy Raymond says:

    WHY when these rescues/shelters see an animal injured do nothing to the owner who surrendered her? NO animal should be forced to live outside 24/7 – and those that treat animals so poorly should be treated as cruelly as they treated these innocent animals. Anyone that hurts an animal has proven themselves to be a fucking coward who would cry for ‘Mommy’ if confronted by someone their own size. I HATE animal abusers and wish all of them would die painfully – they deserve it.


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