Injured dogs just meet and find solace in each other at vet office

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Two injured dogs became immediate friends and found comfort in each other at a veterinarian’s office in New York City at their very first meeting. Rescuers had never seen two dogs who had endured such neglect and agony respond to one another with such apparent love and comfort.

“They ran into each other at the vet and they would not leave one another’s side. The purity and innocence that live in these two is commendable. They made it…and now they have each other. Little Valentine’s body is still sore and raw but he is coming along; the pain medication is working and he is in way better spirits,” Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs posted on their Facebook page Wednesday morning updating advocates about the condition of two dogs dubbed Valentine and Moose.  Valentine and Moose

It started with the rescue of  five-year-old Moose late last week who was saved from a high-kill rural shelter that does not allow photos or videos enabling advocates to help these dogs find homes. With Moose’s tragic plight, volunteers were notified that his kennel mate attacked him while eating. Moose did not bite back or even growl; he sat there and took it. As he was being led through the shelter, a pregnant dog lunged and growled at him, and he only offered her his belly.

“He may look rough but he is as gentle and kind as they get, therapy dog type. Clearly a loser once cropped his ears so badly and as a result he has a raging skin ear infection, imagine someone taking scissors to your velvety floppy ears. He has really bad sores, an infection on his bum, he is covered in fleas, has an eye and skin infection.”Valentine and Moose 2

Once he arrived at the vet, he was diagnosed with a severe skin condition, an out of control ear infection and  polyps all over his body, especially on his back end. His toe nails are infected, and he was covered in flea residue. Most disturbing was that most of his teeth were totally rotted out which is uncommon for his young age; he will require surgery for this.  Described as a “low rider pit,” Moose who has a solid disposition despite all he has endured. He is described as an “absolute joy and honor to be around, truly an easy going guy.” Moose will be moving to a foster home for care and will be back and forth at the vet for treatment. Please note three more dogs were rescued that day from that same shelter.

And then came the  rescue of a 10-week-old puppy on Monday. When the organization posted his heartbreaking photo, it appeared as if the defenseless little pup’s face had been shredding away. He had been found wandering the streets in horrific condition, and for days he sat at a high-kill shelter and was scheduled to be euthanized. The rescue organization immediately put out a plea for help:Valentine the puppy

“It sounds like he has some kind of respiratory condition (unfortunately most dogs in the shelter end up with these respiratory infections). He has something that looks like a burn on his face, but may be some kind of severe mange or severe skin infection. His stomach is also raw and has the same bloodied scabs all over it. It looks like the skin was peeled away from his belly. He cries out in pain when anyone tries to touch him. We won’t know exactly what is going on until we are able get him to a vet. We cannot imagine the pain and discomfort he must be in. Please help us pull Sweet Valentine. We would like to save Valentine today and offer his the medical support he needs to get through this.”

And now the two injured dogs have met and their compassion to each other gives all of us a moment to pause and reflect how absolutely perfect is the description that dogs are our best friends – and not only to humans, but to each other in the most crucial times of their lives. If you would like to donate to Moose and Valentine, please click here. If you would like to get them a little gift for their temporary stay in foster care, you may do so at…

(Photos of injured dogs find comfort in each other courtesy of Second Chance Rescue NYC.)

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9 replies
  1. Kathleen Drude says:

    There are those who say dogs have no souls! There are those who say animals have no souls! All you have to do is look in their eyes! Animals could teach humans a great deal about love forgiveness compassion! They have no concept of war or prejudice! They love unconditionally! Lessons that too bad humans have no concept of!

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      I would say that the only animals that have no souls are some humans. The more I see of these stories the more I wonder what kind of children we are raising today! There seems to be little compassion for the innocent, be they two legged or four. Praying for these pups, I hope they find loving families.

  2. Star Shelley says:

    What a beautiful story on Moose and Valentine. I wish the world would know and acknowledge the love of this pit bull that are so misunderstood by so many people and see what there are all about. Yes dogs do have souls, heart and emotions, More than I can say for humans. Bless these two babies, wishing them a life of love and care.

  3. Darla says:

    This is NOT a shelter (“high-kill rural shelter that does not allow photos or videos”); it’s a hellhole holding pen for dogs – “shelter” is supposed to be a safe place. Moose seems so sweet and very submissive. I wish he and Valentine had been able to stay together.

  4. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    This is so sweet, sorry that they both had to suffer so badly to be saved. But now that they have each other I sure hope they can remain together.

  5. mike says:

    That shelter does not allow videos or photos? WTF! Do they not want to help find homes for these dogs? I just don’t understand their logic. Hoping for a speedy and painless recovery for Valentine and Moose.

  6. Nancy Raymond says:

    These two beauties, Moose and Valentine are prime examples that animals have more compassion, caring and heart than most people. They put us to shame – I hope they both get a safe loving home together.


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