Injured dog locked in cage and left behind closed animal shelter

Dog abandoned outside of animal shelter
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An injured dog, locked in a cage and left in a field, was discovered behind an animal shelter in Midwest City, Oklahoma, last weekend. The dog, a Great Dane, had been left in a field behind the shelter on Sunday – thanks to surveillance cameras, an arrest for the dog’s abandonment has been made.

According to KOKO 5 News, police located and arrested 44-year-old Michael David Scott – the man is facing multi charges, including dog abandonment, driving under suspension, driving with an expired tag and driving without insurance.

KOKO News reports that Scott could face fines and up to 30 days behind bars if he is convicted.

The dog abandoned outside of the Midwest City Animal Shelter is recuperating at a veterinary hospital.

(Image screenshot via KOKO News)

More news and updates at the National Animal News Facebook page.

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  1. Thank God for video cameras. They’re becoming more and more valuable in crime cases. I hope this sweet Great Dane makes a full recovery and is adopted into a loving home.

  2. 30 days is a joke for all that, dog abandonment, driving under suspension, driving with an expired tag and driving without insurance? Come on Oklahoma get your act together!

  3. 30 days – why don’t they just shake his hand and send him home? If it weren’t for the cameras this poor dog could have died – I hope Michael David Scott never lives to see 45 – and if I had my way – he sure wouldn’t. Wake up Oklahoma – give this maggot the proper sentence – five years for animal cruelty – 30 days is a joke.

  4. how discusting just goes to show how messed up out judiscal system is this punk heartless sick Bastard gets off 30 days what is wrong with these morons another slapp on the wrist so when he gets out that gives him another opportunity to abuse another animal. some one needs to get Real Here>>>>>>

  5. i just cant believe this punk got away with this ,30 days isn’t enough. The Book needs to Thrown at this Creep. he probably has clout maybe bribed someone that could happen. i dont care justice should be served it wasnt i care about the dog other animals. He shouldnt come within 100 feet of them. never own any either, whats wrong with this picture,,,,,,,,,,

  6. 30 days IF CONVICTED??? REALLY??? Are you going to swat him with a feather too? Come on courts….. YOU HAVE GOT TO GET STIFFER Penalties for these monsters!!!
    Minimum of 10 years behind bars, minimum of $10,000 fine and a life time ban on ever owning or living in the same home as a pet.
    WE NEED A NATIONAL REGISTRY OF MONSTERS who are disguised as humans.


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