Illinois teen alleged to have intentionally mutilated eight-week-old puppy

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The Kewanee Police Department charged a 17-year-old teen alleged to have intentionally mutilated an eight-week-old puppy on Wednesday with aggravated animal cruelty. According to police, the youth admitted to injuring the dog. 

On Tuesday evening, the Henry County Humane Society reported the discovery of a two-month-old puppy at the Lakeland Terrace Housing Project. When found, the puppy was lying helplessly on the grass with four deep lacerations to his throat as well as a cut on his back. The pup was transported to Dr. Chris Ryan; the veterinarian caring for the puppy dubbed Thor, stated the wounds appeared to have been intentionally inflicted:

“We don’t typically see wounds like that from accidents, and it kind of looks like it’s on purpose, stated Dr. Ryan to NewsKwQC. “It seems like he’s doing just fine and I think he’ll make a full recovery, but it just could have been a lot worse.

Thor is thought to be a Labrador retriever and pit bull mix. When found, his wounds, believed to have been inflicted within the last 24 hours  were inundated with maggots and flies. Dr. Ryan was able to sedate the puppy and clean the area. He is expected to repair the wounds in the coming days.

At this time, the mother of Thor, nor the rest of the litter have been located, and rescuers fear for the dogs’ lives. Thor is not available for adoption at this time.

To those who would like to donate to Thor‘s care, checks can be sent to 206 Townsedge Road, OR PO box 695. Kewanee IL 61443. PayPal has been set up. Our email for donations is


Photos of puppy intentionally mutilated via the Henry County Humane Society.
Get well soon Thor.
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20 replies
  1. Betty says:

    What the hell (At this time, the mother of Thor, nor the rest of the litter have been located, and rescuers fear for the dogs’ lives.) Do then still have the Mom and a babies ???

  2. slv says:

    This 17 year old POS needs to be tried as an adult and sent for mental evaluation. This is a red flag for more and worse violence as he gets older. His mother should be charged also. She needs to step up to the plate and be held responsible. Maybe it will give her the kick in her butt to keep an eye on and teach this poor excuse for a human some respect for animals. I pray the mother of the liter and the rest of the pups are safe but I fear the worse. Karma to this disgusting POS

  3. Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    Ces barbares doivent être sévèrement condamné, pas de pitié pour les parasites. J’espère qu’ils trouveretrouveront la famille chien et que le petit va vite guérir. Pauvre bébé.

  4. Kathleen Drude says:

    The fact that there is a mother and puppies somewhere doesn’t fill me with hope for their survival! This human thing must be arrested and charged accordingly! This can’t be allowed to continue! It makes no sense that animals are being attacked in such horrific ways and those committing these crimes get a slap on the wrist! For those of you who wonder why I abhor humans here is one of the reasons! To law enforcement if you can’t punish these pieces of shit than we will!

  5. slv says:

    I called and left a comment. I hope everyone else will do the same. Show support for this puppy and the siblings and mother. Please give a voice to the voiceless

    • Michael Coulter says:

      Animal abusers have just as hard of a time in prison as child abusers

      ODCs (ordinary decent criminals) are as disgusted by these…………things as you and I are, and they can get away with beating their asses! Especially since the guards would probably look the other way while it happens

  6. Helen says:

    Unbelievable! This teen is a real sicko and should not be allowed to walk the streets. I’m so sorry Thor that this POS hurt you and pray for your recovery.

  7. Nancy Raymond says:

    This punk 17 year old bitch needs some serious street justice – his name should be printed so someone can find him and give him the REAL punishment he deserves – the judicial system and its brain dead judges will do nothing – this punk will be allowed to continue his cruelty – he is a diseased maggot and needs to be eliminated from this world.

  8. Cynthia Como says:

    OMG!!! Just OMG!!! This evil POS is a small step from moving on to human targets! He gets joy from hearing a baby dog scream! I wish he would shrivel up and die,the world would be a better place without this POS

  9. vicki hood says:

    He must be tried as an adult. Prison will prove to be quite an experience for him as there are others in prison who protect animals and will dish out some justice. Prayers for this poor dog and his family as well.

  10. Red says:

    Sure wish the police could find the monster who did this…… however, maybe karma will catch them and they will really be a good pay back. The THING that did this to this poor puppy is a useless, wasted use of skin.


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