Zoo animals safe after hurricane

After Hurricane Irma, zoo confirms that animals are okay

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After Hurricane Irma lashed the Miami, Florida, an official at the Miami Zoo has confirmed that the thousands of animals who call the property “home,” are okay. According to TODAY, there was damage to trees and some fences at the zoo, but 3000 animals all came through the massive storm unscathed.

Ron Magill, the Zoo Director, told TODAY that the preparations that employees made for the animals, as well as the reinforced structures at the facility, ensured that the animals would be safe as the hurricane swept through the area.

On Wednesday, before Irma hit the area, the zoo released a statement that there would be no animal evacuations. The statement read:

“We don’t evacuate our animals since hurricanes can change direction at the last minute and you run the risk of evacuating to a more dangerous location. Furthermore, the stress of moving the animals can be more dangerous than riding out the storm. The animals that are considered dangerous will stay in their secure night houses, which are made of poured concrete and welded metal. These animals survived Andrew without injuries. We’ve loaded up on additional food and water, our generators have been tested and ready to go. In addition, we’ve stored all cycles and removed debris.”

Fortunately, all is well for these animals!

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  1. Debbie says:

    Thank you for saving this precious dog….for the life of me I cannot understand how people walked past this precious baby, day after day & did nothing….I am so grateful that you did….


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