Hunting dog surrendered to high kill shelter due to ‘owner’s health’

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Several hunting dogs were surrendered earlier this week to a high-kill shelter in South Carolina due to the “owner’s health”. What about Tutti’s health?   The three-year-old Beagle weighing only 18-pounds, had been dragging around a tumor almost as big as her for months.

“This little girl is Tutti. She’s a 3 year old, 18 pound beagle mix that was surrendered to a SC shelter along with 9 other “hunting dogs” due to owner’s health. How about her health?! See the HUGE tumor she’s had to drag around for God knows how long!!! It didn’t just appear,” posted Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of the organization Rescue Dogs Rock NYC who offered to help.

On Monday afternoon, Tutti underwent surgery to remove the mass.

“Sweet Tutti has just been taken into surgery to remove this ginormous tumor! It was originally thought to be a mammary tumor, but is now thought to be a hernia. The surgery will be complicated as an ultrasound showed what looks to be intestines inside that have to now be put back inside her body.”

How tragic that Tutti’s health issues were not addressed in a timely manner by her owner. It is hoped this young dog will recover – once removed her tumor will be sent to the laboratory to find out if it is malignant.

In addition to Tutti’s rescue, another dog was lucky enough to have hitched a ride to safety with Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. Welcome Jack Frost to his new life. Fortunately this adorable pooch is healthy and will be ready for adoption once he is checked out and evaluated. Are you the one to give this boy a new life?

“Meet handsome Jack Frost. Today was his lucky day because he caught a ride out of the shelter with little Tutti with the huge tumor. Jack Frost is an 8 month old boxer (maybe lab x, vet says he has longer fur) who weighs 32lbs. He’s a great puppy who is healthy. He’s good with dogs & people & is said to be submissive. He will be neutered & vetted & ready to go home for the holidays!”

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(Photos of hunting dog surrendered courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

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8 replies
  1. SueBiss says:

    I wonder how the rest of the dogs the owner surrendered health are especially if the owner left Tutti to get so bad, and she is so young! I feel so bad for the rest of the dogs left at that kill shelter, at least, Tutti and another young puppy got out and have a chance at a new lease on life. I wish for those two a Merry Christmas, I hope they now find a great forever home.

  2. pennysdachshunds says:

    GOOD GOD !!! Look at the toe nails and I would venture that photo’s of the other 9 hunting dogs show neglect too. That tumor is horrific, and this Total Bastard didn’t do a thing to help… He needs to drink a batch of S.C. Moonshine that is bad!!! Maybe that would “CURE” his health problems!!!

  3. Theresa says:

    To the piece of shit owner that surrendered that poor dog with a big tumor what comes around goes around good you’re being punished I bet you got your sorry ass going to the doctors but you couldn’t take the pool little guy to the doctors

  4. Adrienne says:

    I guess the owner used these hunting dogs until his physical heath wouldn’t allow him to, thank god. Horrible that a so-called owner would let his dogs get to this point with a tumor half the dog’s size. Also the nails are so long that I suspect that nothing was ever done to any of his dogs.They should all be removed so he can live by himself without anything left in his care to die.

  5. Stephen Phillips says:

    I hope to hell SOMEONE is planning to prosecute this F*KWAD???
    Prays for Tutti’s quick – and complete – recovery!

  6. Mary Ann Clark says:

    They need to arrest the owner and seize all his assets and give them to a no kill shelter to save all these poor babies!

  7. Linda Szymoniak says:

    The sad truth is that hundreds of hunting dogs are dumped at high-kill shelters in NC and SC every week. I adopted three myself, including my Kyoko, who was nearly starved before being dumped at the Greenville, SC shelter. I had Kyoko with me for almost 7 years (she passed the day after Thanksgiving). My boys each came from a different NC shelter. I really wish they would outlaw the use of dogs in hunting – too many are not cared for and too many are just dumped like yesterday’s trash. I honestly can’t understand how someone can stand by and watch a tumor like this grow on a dog. Thank goodness for Rescue Dogs Rock NYC!

  8. Nancy Raymond says:

    I could not give one flying fuck about this skankbag hunter’s health. To allow Tutti to get so bad and DO NOTHING proves he could care less about her health. If not for Rescue Dogs Rock NYC she would have been left to languish in some hell hole of a so called ‘shelter’ until they put her down. This miserable example of an owner’s health will hopefully continue to deteriorate – one less hunter is only a plus as far as I am concerned.


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