Blind dog found wandering in the woods

Hunters discover blind dog running into trees in the woods

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A blind and injured dog, running into trees in the woods, was discovered by hunters who heard him crying in pain. According to the Arrow Fund, the boxer, dubbed Crosby, had been shot through the eye. The Louisville, Kentucky, organization stated:

“He was running into trees . Left eye is an older injury and he was shot in the right eye . Hunters observed him crying for a few days and finally were able to catch him. Animal control was contacted and they immediately contacted us.”

Crosby was taken to Blue Pearl Veterinary for blood work and an exam – he is finally being provided with pain relief and care. According to the Arrow Fund, it is unlikely that Crosby’s vision can be restored.

The animal cruelty case is currently under investigation.

To donate go to and checks may be sent to The Arrow Fund P.O. Box 1127 Prospect, Kentucky 40059.

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11 replies
  1. Alisa clark says:

    My ???? is breaking thinking about poor Crosby in that kind of pain and that someone could be so cruel to do such a thing. Bless the hunters that found him and bless the rescue and the couple that will be fostering. Sending prayers that one day he will have his vision back

  2. Adrienne says:

    What types of things live among us that can do this to a dog? Nonhuman and does not deserve to be living in this world any longer. I hope they find who did this to this sweet dog and do the same to his two eyes buy no pain medication. Let him suffer until he begs to be killed, then give him what he wants.

  3. Debbie says:

    I pray they catch who did this…..too many dogs are being shot by hunters & policemen….pay attention to what you are doing….innocent lives are at stake…..thank you to the beautiful couple caring for this precious dog.

  4. Helen says:

    Whoever did this heinous act should be shot and left for dead. I’m grateful the hunters were able to catch Crosby so he can get proper medical attention. Thank you Arrow Fund for taking Crosby under your care. It just breaks my heart thinking how much pain Crosby must have experienced and so frighten by not being able to see. I pray for Crosby’s full recovery.

    • Nancy Raymond says:

      The maggot puke that did this to Crosby should be nailed to a tree and left to rot. That poor dog did not deserve such cruelty – so glad he was rescued and hopefully, some kind person will give him a safe loving home.


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