Humans failed Kane: Found nearly lifeless in South Texas woods

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Kane was discovered in the woods suffering and nearly lifeless on Sunday. Had it not have been for  random chance when a Good Samaritan found him, Kane would have died – likely no one would ever have known he lived except for the heartless owner who abandoned him in such horrible condition. The dog was carried out of the woods, brought to safety and immediately transported to the 24 hour emergency hospital in South Texas for life-saving medical care.

Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC didn’t hesitate to volunteer to help when contacted. She was shocked and worried, but most of all saddened to have to acknowledge Kane’s unknown owner could have been so negligent and heartless:

“We are sorry humans failed you so very badly,” Stacey wrote after posting videos of the dog’s rescue. “We can only hope we are not too late to save your life.  Whoever allowed you to spiral into this condition, should feel one-tenth of the pain you are feeling right now. We can only try to give you every chance at survival and pick up the pieces of your shattered life.”

Since Sunday night, Kane has had two blood transfusions and survived. He also suffers from a heart murmur, heart worm disease and several infections. Just looking at him is so very sad – a dog deprived of his dignity, his  health and his spirit while emaciated and hairless. His life hangs by a thread, but no one at the emergency hospital will give up as long as Kane keeps fighting.


Kane is the third dog in critical condition in this emergency  veterinary hospital right now in South Texas; Madge and Sandy are also there fighting for their lives at this very moment. Read both their stories here.

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7 replies
  1. Nadya Wall-Rossi says:

    Three dogs found abandoned In this condition in Texas? Somebody just needs killing. I wonder if it’s dogfighters or hunters. Both are incredibly cruel and negligent to dogs and very capable of abandoning them to a slow agonizing lonely death.

  2. Shirley Moore says:

    What a POS owner to have left this dog behind to get this condition…thank you Rescue Dogs Rock for stepping up for Kane and getting him the medical treatment he needs. I do pray that Kane pulls through this and the POS owner is charged for animal cruelty & anything else they can get them for!!

  3. Nancy Raymond says:

    If not for Rescue Dogs Rock NYC Kane would be dead – no shelter in the state of Texas would have done one thing for him – they would have put him down without a thought. Texas shelters (and I use that word loosely) is way too busy killing animals rather than helping them. Texas has a population of the lowest class of humans who treat animals like trash and they don’t get much better treatment at these hell holes posing as shelters. I hope Kane fully recovers and gets the safe loving home he never had.


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